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BTAWWBTN Chapter 21

Top student

Although the program team helped Fang Zhi to register a new account, he can’t log in now. Nor could he see how fast and quick his fan base was growing.

Even broke the 100,000 mark in one night. 



Lin Ji just took a shower. The moment when he walked out of the bathroom while wiping my hair.

He saw that there was a new message on his phone, He picked it up to take a look. It was not an important message. With nothing else to do. 

Lin Ji poured a glass of wine for himself, and he leaned against the bar and watched the video that was playing.

When he saw Fang Zhi choosing the dormitory, the man couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

This man knows better than he thinks about taking chances.

Lin Ji also asked people to help him check Fang Zhi’s information before, and finally got a very ordinary result. 

In the words of his assistant, it was simply unbelievably clean.

Fang Zhi has neither his popularity nor the support of company resources. 

Before participating in “Star 10”, no one heard his name at all.

In a short period, he has become a popular player. This was not only because he has the strength, but also because he knows very well how to seize opportunities and even create them.

Whether it’s the “perfunctory words” released in the initial live interview, choosing to perform a completely different style of Huo Rong, or choosing dormitory number 250.

Before the elimination in the first round, there were a total of 300 players in the dormitory building, and the clips were only fifteen minutes long.

Equal to only three seconds of footage per person if split evenly.

But because of the “250” point, the program team generously gave him a full two-minute long shot, and he got two minutes of footage.

But it was just some ordinary daily life. Yet his way of doing things instantly becomes more extraordinary.

How to make the audience notice you and remember you as soon as possible in a large group of people is particularly good at this point, he was not like a newcomer who has just come into the circle.

Lin Ji looked at the young man’s face on the screen and took a sip from the wine glass. He wonders who this kid will choose as a mentor.

The next morning, Bai Tang saw that there were some basic training classes on the timetable, and asked Fang Zhi if he wanted to go see them together.

At this moment, the result of choosing a mentor has not come out, and he was also idle, so Fang Zhi agreed.

The training building was not far from their dormitory, and it only takes a few minutes to walk there.

When they got to the classroom, they opened the door and found a lot of people inside.

Fang Zhi glanced at the course information yesterday and knew that the lecturer was a professor who was specially invited from abroad and the said professor had done a lot of research on stage drama performance.

The professor was standing in the vacant seat at the front of the classroom and said to the contestants who came down from the stage to listen to the class: 

“I wonder if you have ever had such an experience: when we stand in front of the camera, subconsciously, there is an idea of ​​’I want to show my acting skills seriously’ to perform, and our body will stand up straight, hoping to be as ‘upright and beautiful in front of the audience as possible?”

The players below said yes.

The professor invited the man to the front.

The boy did not expect such a development at all. He walked to the front and faced the sight of a large group of people. The whole body of the person was tense and a little stiff.

The professor took another hand card from the teaching assistant’s hand and asked the boy to read the lines on it.

The contestant nodded, unconsciously took a deep breath, and lifted his chin while picking up the card. His voice became hoarse without saying a word.

The boy didn’t expect that he would screw up immediately and looked back at the professor beside him a little helplessly.

The professor patted him on the shoulder.“Did you notice? Before you speak, when you are about to speak, you subconsciously lift your chin.”

The professor pointed to the position of the throat, and compared the position of the back of the neck, “This movement will shorten the back of your neck, presenting a state of being oppressed, and because the vocal cords are not opened due to tension, it is easy to have difficulty speaking.”

The boy didn’t understand it very well, but he probably knew that there was a problem with his posture, so he immediately lowered his head.

The professor smiled again.“Of course, if the chin is pressed too much, it will compress the throat, and this situation will also cause a burden.”

Yan Yao, who was sitting in the front row, raised his hand. The smart camera circled him a few times in the air. “The basic standing posture is equivalent to a standby state, and the body can react at any time when the body is relatively relaxed.”

Bai Tang was stunned by the theories about which postures were reflected, and he only understood the last four words “relaxation of the body” throughout the whole process.

Fang Zhi was not very interested in the basic course. Interestingly, because he has heard these contents in a certain world long ago, and his ears had become calloused.

When he turned his head, he saw his friend standing beside him was about to collapse. He raised his hand and patted him on the back.

 “Not this much, relax your body.”

Bai Tang who was slapped by him like this stood up straight again in an instant.

Fang Zhi glanced at him, nodded with satisfaction, and said, “I’m going back, do you want to stay here to continue listening to the class?”

Bai Tang felt that he was in a state that he did not know how to describe in words.

“Um…” Bai Tang looked ahead, looking at Yan Yao, a top student who was used as a reference by all the players, “I want to try hard.”

Fang Zhi watched him for a while. Then chuckled.“You can do it.”

Although Bai Tang never said it, he was very clear in his heart. He has never known any performance skills before, if he hadn’t been brought in the first round, and the overall score of their group was relatively high, he was likely to leave from two hundred people.


Fang Zhi came out of the training building and went back to the dormitory. It was still early for lunchtime so he went back to his room.

He was idle and he had nothing to do. He took out his smart terminal and logged in to the performance application.

And walked around in the creation square, and finally noted a script created by a netizen. The script was very interesting.

Yu Wenyao

Because the subject matter involves monsters, and the story was only half-written, it has not been updated until five years ago, so the number of performances has been zero so far.

The reason why Fang Zhi was so interested was simple. He just wanted to know to what extent this script could be restored at a current technical level.



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