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BTAWWBTN Chapter 20


After returning to the dormitory, Bai Tang asked Fang Zhi about the tutor he wanted to choose.

Although the four of them are well-known in the entertainment industry, Fang Zhi, who just came back, doesn’t know any of them at all.

Fang Zhi clicked on the selection rule and glanced at it quickly, and replied at the same time: “Lin Ji.”

Ling Weiwei, who was not far away, stood up, her voice raised uncontrollably: “You want to choose Lin Ji?!”

The two heard the voice and looked over together.

Fang Zhi smiled, “Eavesdropping?”


Fang Zhi looked at her awkward look, recalled her attitude towards him a few days ago, and guessed a certain possibility.

“Are you a fan of Lin Ji?”

Ling Wei was stunned for a while, and she blurted out, “How do you know?”

Fang Zhi’s face was exactly like that.

The Hua Rong played by Fang Zhi in the previous audition has become a hot search. Some people supported that it should be played according to the original, and some people say that the Hua Rong played by Fang Zhi was closer to the real Hua Rong.

The two sides gave examples to each other, but in the end, neither could convince the other.

If Ling Weiwei was a fan of Lin Ji, it was not difficult to explain why she had no good impression of him when he first met her.

In addition, during the performance last night, he heard her mention something that he was far worse than her male god.

Fang Zhi always had confidence in his appearance. He had experienced so many worlds and changed so many bodies and seen so many people, and he still thinks he was the best looking.

It was only after he came back then he saw Lin Ji, and only reluctantly he admitted that someone was as good as him in terms of appearance.

Combined with her reaction when he mentioned Lin Ji just now.

Fang Zhi guessed that this girl might be a fan of Emperor Lin.

“Don’t change the topic, are you going to choose Lin Ji?”

According to the rules, each of the four mentors has 25 places, and the initial allocation would be given priority according to volunteers.

If the number of players who choose the mentor was not more than 25, everyone would directly enter the group where the mentor was. 

If there are more than 25 players, then in the first round of competition, the instructor assigns each player a personal score, from high to low to take a full group of twenty-five people.

In a mentor’s contestant, if the individual score given by the mentor to the other twenty-five players was lower then they cannot enter that mentor’s group.

After the initial assignment, because he ranked first in the first round, he want to join the tutor group that was not full. Especially when he has a perfect score. So he can join any group that he wants to. 

“Yes, I chose him.” Fang Zhi nodded. Secondly, he wants to take a closer look, at what kind of people would say he was wild and spicy.

Five days after the audition, Feng Zhi had dug for Lin Ji’s information out of curiosity, and he knew that he had almost won all the Best Actor Awards since his debut.

It was also for this reason that when people talk about the word “actor” they would naturally think of Lin Ji.

Fang Zhi also read a few of his works and came to conclude that this man was really amazing.

As if he was born for the screen.

Bai Tang snorted and scratched his head: “Then why don’t I also choose Lin Ji”

Ling Weiwei just wanted to say something, but before she could say anything, she saw Bai Tang quickly select and confirm on the smart terminal page.

Why are you so fast?!

She didn’t say anything else, she just selected Lin Ji and pressed the confirm button. She even felt like she had lost because she was one step slower.

Compared to the decisiveness of these three, the rest of the players were more entangled in the choice.

Director Bi has brought out a lot of new people over the years. If anyone trained with him, they would benefit a lot. There would be a lot of opportunities for cooperation in the future.

Emperor Lin, let’s not talk about him. There are rumours around that there was a special room set up just for the actor trophies at home. Although there were not many movies of him in the past two years, each one was a hit .

Next one was the female number one hit.

Honestly, no matter who they go with, they would not lose.

After dinner in the evening, Fang Zhi received a new message from the staff asking if he had the intention to open a personal homepage on the social platform. 

The program team can provide a quick authentication channel.

Fang Zhi looked at the message and hooked his lips. With a quick reply, he types yes.

In less than ten minutes, the staff of the program team told him that the authentication had been completed and sent him the account password.

After another half, an hour or so, the first episode of “Star 10” was broadcast on all platforms.

One of the posts specially circled Fang Zhi’s new account.

  [ I’m not dazzled??】

[What speed are you all at? I saw that the news was three minutes ago, I immediately ran over to pay attention, and found the account had already reached 20,000 followers. 】

[After posting this comment upstairs, the number of fans has exceeded 30,000! 】

【Hahahahaha Weiwei also said that whoever has nothing to choose from would choose 250, but she sure didn’t expect it 】

 [Fang Zhi was too picky. hahaha]

   [So Fang Zhi and the WeiWei live in the same dormitory? 】

【What? I just said that the atmosphere between the two of them was ultimately incredible, and I was so moved when I saw them! Just let me shout that Fang Ling is real! 】

 [Huh? Am I the only one who is opposite supporting their CP?】


【Not to mention, if Lin Ji and Fang Zhi are in the same frame, the picture will be beautiful. What do you think about it? 】

【I cannot wait for their work together 】



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