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BTAWWBTN Chapter 2

Take down the best actor

 Fang Zhi returned to the hotel and searched for more information about the program.

“I Am the Star of Tomorrow” is an unusual variety show on the runway.

The show is held every three years, starting from the sixth season, the crew has introduced holographic immersion technology, only one port is needed to perfectly realize scene simulation not only you can get automatic makeup but it also saves a lot of time and effort.

Money has set off a craze for national acting, which has brought new vitality to this old-fashioned show, and every subsequent season, a considerable number of people have signed up to participate.

If you can get into the top three in the competition you will not only get huge bonuses but also have the opportunity to participate in movies directed by famous directors and get a big break into the entertainment industry through this style.

And the advertisement he saw in the mall before was the tenth season’s audition video.

Looking at the number in the column for the championship bonus, Fang Zhi was heartbroken.

He needs money, and it just so happens that ninety-nine mission worlds have given him a soul-changing acting skill.

Early morning, Fang Zhi went to the offline point to register.

At about the same time, the top office of my Pictures.

The young man with blond medium and long hair sat cross-legged on the sofa, smiled and looked at the man behind the desk with closed eyes, and joked: “No, no, boss, you agreed to go. You are going to be a judge over there?”

“It’s still not decided.” Lin Ji didn’t explain much.

The blond young man held his cheeks and squinted at him and spoke with a pointed tone, “Still picking someone? I heard that you have a new play that is missing…”

Lin Ji didn’t raise his eyes: “You seem to be free nowadays?”

The blond young man did not dare to answer this, picked up the remote control on the table, and quickly changed the subject: “Ah this… I suddenly remembered that the people on the runway will randomly choose a registration point for an interview today and it’s going to be a live broadcast, let me see if there will be any interesting newcomers this year…”

The host of the live broadcast was their old acquaintance Ouyang, who just finished an interview with Yan Yao, a high-profile trainee from Extreme Entertainment, and the camera changed, and it happened to be given to the man sitting by the window. 

A shot of youth.

The sun shines through the glass window, outlining the gentle light and shadow on that handsome and delicate face, quiet and handsome.

There was a commotion in the live room.

[The little brother in white just now! 】

 [Fairy like a beauty! Fairylike a temperament! I! Love it! 】

【Sister Ou! Ask for an interview with the handsome guy by the window! 】

Ouyang has always been paying attention to the trends in the live broadcast room, and now he follows the public opinion and walks to the youth with a photo.

She introduced herself first, then gestured towards the camera.

“Come and say hello to the audience in the live broadcast room?”

The youth was not at all cramped, as if he had long been accustomed to the camera, he just nodded his chin calmly and elegantly.

“Hi, my name is Fang Zhi.”

    【But I think Yan Yao is the most handsome! Mom loves you! Yan Yao! Yan Yao! Yan Yao! 】

 Ouyang was quite surprised that the younger brother was natural and photogenic, but she didn’t show it, just followed the procedure and gave him a gentle smile.

“Do you have any goals to participate in this competition?”


Fang Zhi looked at the camera in front of him, suddenly remembered the graceful figure on the big screen, and the corner of his lips hooked lightly.

“Then… let’s take down the ‘Best Actor’ first.”



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