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BTAWWBTN Chapter 19


As for the tutor’s score, the overall score of the Z group was 9 points, and the individual performance was 35 points. Ninety-four points in total.

The 300 players in the first round of the main competition their team ranked first.

Fang Zhi was very confident in his ability, and now he was more worried about whether Bai Tang passed smoothly or not. He didn’t expect that as soon as they met, the teenager rushed up with tears in his eyes:

“Brother Fang, woo woo, how did I make it into the top 200, woo woo, then does it mean I can continue eating free pudding…”

Fang Zhi comfortably patted him behind him: “Are you all right?”

Bai Tang looked puzzled, and asked in a daze: “I… What’s the matter?”

Fang Zhi gave him a look and patted him on the shoulder twice.

“You may be better at acting than you think.”

Bai Tang didn’t understand the meaning of this, he just thought that his brother Fang was encouraging him. He scratch the back of his head silly and smiled: “It’s all luck”

To celebrate their victorious advancement to the second round, the two of them plan to go to the restaurant for a late-night snack.

There they met Kwong Ting as soon as they got downstairs.

Kwong Ting was deeply impressed by the previous opponent’s play. But now when he saw Lin Ji again, he felt a chill on his back. He doesn’t know why but he was somewhat afraid of  Lin Ji.

But it was such a shameful thing and Kwong Ting didn’t dare to show it on his face. He try to behave like everything was ok. He feigned to be calm. And greeted the two of them.

Fang Zhi saw a group of people gathered a little further away, and asked, “What happened?”

Kwong Ting said: “Most of those are players who were eliminated in round one. And others are those who have complaints regarding their ratings and rankings and want to ask the program team to explain.”

Fang Zhi turned around and looked at Kwong Ting: “It seems that you have also successfully advanced, congratulations.”

Kwong Ting was flattered and said yes.

Fang Zhi smiled and left a word that if in future he get a chance they would collaborate again and he led Bai Tang to watch the ongoing drama.

When he got closer, he found that the person in the center of the crowd was Wen Xin, the program director.

Despite being surrounded by a large group of people, the man still looked as usual, without the slightest panic.

“Why do some groups make the cut, but none of the twelve people in our group made it to the second round?”


“The order of appearances was not fair, and Echigo’s appearance would have definitely left a deeper impression on the audience!”

“And it was said before that the top four in each group can advance…”

Wen Xin laughed suddenly, his eyes fixed on the man accurately: “I never said that the top four in the group were promoted, where did you hear that?”

The crowd that was noisy before calmed down.

“Haven’t you thought about why we specially reserved a whole week for you, just considering that everyone was not a professional actor, it would also be easy for all of you to work together.” 

Wen Xin looked at them with a half-smile, “But have you made good use of this week?”

“Is acting a firm? The scripts assigned to everyone for all twelve people in the group were carefully selected by the program team, and each person has a certain time allotted. Since it is a group show, then you all needed to unite with each other, and cast off individuality that only thinks about oneself, to work harmoniously.”

“At the same time, because the script was a classic clip that the audience has seen before, we wanted everyone to think of your performance first when they vote. 

Under the premise of being unique and satisfactory, adding new things to the plot that everyone has seen many times, such as the shaping of the characters, the details of the characters, the fetters of the characters.”

Wen Xin paused when he said this, then looked at Fang Zhi who was standing a little further away, held his lips, and smiled: “Unfortunately, from the final result, only a few of you were able to do that.”

Fang Zhi also hooked his lips and said to his friend beside him.“Let’s go and have supper.”

The next morning, the eliminated players moved out one after another. 

The dormitory that originally had 300 people suddenly became a lot empty, and there were some more empty rooms.

Fang Zhi thought that Ling Weiwei would move to another dormitory by herself, but unexpectedly the latter just snorted.

“It doesn’t matter where you live.”

Cheng Tian was also lucky to be in 100th place, and Room 250 became the only dormitory where all members of the team advanced in the first round.

After lunch, the program team assembled all the contestants for a meeting.

Fang Zhi sat in the last row, as usual, glanced around the conference room, and found that eight people in their Z group advanced to the second round.

Producer Wen Xin appeared in the conference room on time at two o’clock.

The man wore a costume and a long wig today and walked into everyone’s field of vision with a fan.

“First of all, congratulations to everyone here for your good results in the first round, our next elimination will be held three weeks later. This time only thirty people would say goodbye. ”

Most of the players breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, two-thirds of the people have just been eliminated, and when they heard that the second game promotion rate would be 70%.

They subconsciously felt that they would not be one of those thirty unlucky people. The pressure in their heart has also eased a lot.

Wen Xin then said that how the second round that would be played will not be announced for the time being. 

At the same time, for everyone to have a better performance in the next game, the production team has arranged performance training here, players can choose according to their needs.

Someone raised their hand and asked, “Do we only need to have training sessions in these 20 days?”

“That’s for sure not,” Wen Xin replied with a smile, “After that, in addition to the shooting of daily scenes, we would also record secondary programs and hold some fun activities for everyone. You can look forward to it.”

As soon as he finished talking about this, Fang Zhi’s smart terminal received a new notification.

Which was the schedule sent by the official account of the program group, including the time of various training sessions Location, teaching content, and teaching teachers.

There are still a few days without classes.

He thought about taking a rest at first, and later he didn’t know where the program recording was going to take place on those days. 

“Fine, then I’m going to say the most important thing.”

Wen Xin nodded to the staff next to him, who turned on the projection screen, and the photos of the four mentors appeared on the screen behind the man.

“The previous grouping has been canceled. Next, we will regroup.”

“Everyone should have received the timetable we released just now, and probably also saw the two subsections of ‘tutor classes’ every week,” Wen Xin smiled slightly, “and these subsections, a tutoring class would be taught by a tutor of your choice.”

“You don’t have to rush to make a choice now, you have three days to consider it, you can change your choice at will before the deadline, and the players who finally choose the same mentor will automatically enter the same group .”



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