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BTAWWBTN Chapter 17

On the spot

The two briefly exchanged a few words. Winter was about to leave with her female companion, and Hormones on the side suddenly snorted.

“That was an unrecognized illegitimate child, do you need to take him seriously?”

The sound was not loud, but it reached Winter’s ears. This is a line that was not originally in the original script.

Fang Zhi stopped and turned around, slowly looking up at the man opposite. His appearance was unfamiliar, and he should be one of the players who said no to rehearsal on the first day.

Fang Zhi stared at him with clearly provocative eyes, and the corners of his lips slowly curled into a small smile. He stepped forward and walked towards the other side step by step.

Anyone who has watched the original drama knows that Winter was the murderer of Sam. He was ruthless, and men are no exception.

He watched the other party approach step by step, like some kind of judgment rhythm.

The young man has a smile on his face, but his eyes are terrifying. An inexplicable fear suddenly enveloped him, the man was cold all over, and the fingertips holding the wine glass trembled.

Under the urge of instinct, he even completely forgot that the character he was playing was an aristocrat, and shouted in a high voice: “What are you doing! Don’t come here!”

Fang Zhi didn’t seem to hear his cry, so he walked straight to him and raised his hand gracefully.


The man was about to step back when he met the cold and gloomy eyes of the young man.

He could only watch his hands fall on his shoulders, and at the same time give the illusion of some kind of sharp weapon slicing his throat.

Fang Zhi retracted his hand, with a feather he didn’t know where it came off. He took it between his fingertips, his smile was warm and light.

“Mr. Hormon has dropped something here. Sorry to offend you.” After speaking, He nodded slightly to them, then turned and left.

The man woke up suddenly as if from a nightmare, and sat on the ground with a plop, panting hard like the rest of his life was saved.

Bi Dao behind the screen shook his head and drew a cross after the person’s name.

What was this guy doing?

Using the mirror to the distant view. Ling Weiwei looked at Fang Zhi with a gentle expression, but the voice she suppressed was cold and hard.

“When did you break the feathers of my fan?”

“Just now.” Fang Zhi gently brushed the hair on the side of her ear, and gave her a good kiss, like the most perfect gentleman’s male companion, 

“You don’t seem to like me very much? Every time I see you, you look unhappy, do I not look good?”

Ling Weiwei slightly put on a shy gesture, her voice still cold, and snorted: “You are so embarrassing.”

Fang Zhi didn’t respond, just laughed.

Ling Weiwei glanced at Fang Zhi’s face again, and changed her sternly: “That’s it, anyway, You are far worse than my male god.”

Because the camera has zoomed out, the audience can’t hear their conversation, and can only see the two people talking intimately in the corner.

【I don’t know who to envy for a while. 】

 [My eyes were caught by these two people, and I couldn’t move to look at other people at all. 】

[Although I want to say let my goodness go! But they are a good match, the atmosphere around them is amazing while standing together it is too seductive! 】

 [It’s just acting, what are you excited about? 】

Finally, it’s almost time for Gele to come. At this moment, Ling Weiwei didn’t know what she saw, and the end of her eyes curled and she laughed softly.

Fang Zhi followed her line of sight. He saw Bai Tang walking in through the side door wearing a formal suit, but he was very nervous. He walked to the two of them and raised his hand stiffly to say hello.

 “Good evening, both of you.”

Fang Zhi knew that the camera was probably on the side of Enluo and Tang at the moment, and his side was also a background board, so he chuckled helplessly, and reminded in a low voice: “Don’t be nervous, now it’s just a distant view, You just need to behave as usual.”

Bai Tang took a deep breath and quickly exhaled: “No, my heart is beating so fast right now, I can’t relax at all!”

Fang Zhi’s action naturally touched his glass with him: “You can think of something happy.”

“A happy thing? Like?” Bai Tang tilted his head, puzzled.  “For example. I brought you a pudding at noon, and now I put it in the fresh-keeping freezer in the bedroom. You can go back later and have a late-night snack.” Fang Zhi winked at him.

Bai Tang laughed immediately. The already rigid body seems to relax naturally.

Ling Weiwei didn’t think so. It’s all right, the expression on his face almost didn’t collapse.

The atmosphere here was very relaxed, and the camera looked at the casual chat of three or five confidants.

And the person in front began to forcibly add drama to brush the sense of presence.

The arrogant Mrs. Yin Si yelled at the maid, Windsor, and even slapped her hard.

The latter did not expect such a development at all, and the whole person was directly stunned, not knowing what to do next.

Fang Zhi also looked over, his eyes could not be said to be calm or indifferent.

Because it is a live performance, and other team members have different thoughts. The performance of on-the-spot reactions was particularly important.

Fang Zhi quickly calculated the direction of the next scene in his mind, and then used his body to cover, and tapped the back of Bai Tang’s hand twice with his fingertips.

The latter looked over in confusion. Fang Zhi’s lips barely moved, and he only said a word in a volume that the two of them could hear.

Although Bai Tang didn’t quite understand why he did this, he trusted Fang Zhi’s decision very much, so he blinked as he said to show that he understood.

With the end of the previous wave of drama, the camera moved to where they were according to the established process.

Winter was talking with his friend Gele, and out of the corner of his eye he saw the banquet hall where Sam was leaving alone, and the expression on his face did not change much.

The gentle and handsome young man put down the wine glass in his hand and said softly.

“Sorry, I’m going to the bathroom.”

In half a minute, he appeared in the backyard of the castle, behind Sam. The hanging moon illuminates everything around.

Including the cold face of the youth. Kwong Ting knows very well what the next plot was and he also knows that Fang Zhi must be behind him now, and believes that he can make the best response at the moment of being attacked.

But he couldn’t hear any footsteps. It was like something which was unknown and had a terrifying quality.

The more Kuang Ting took a step forward, the more anxious he became. After about ten steps, he turned around and looked back.

But there was no one behind him. Kwong Ting broke out in a cold sweat.

Before he could figure out what was going on, a ghostly voice came close to him and asked softly in his ear.

“Do you remember the name Shire?”




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