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BTAWWBTN Chapter 16


Fang Zhi was woken up. The moment he opened his eyes, Bai Tang was frightened by the loneliness and darkness in his eyes and he intrinsically took two steps back.

Fang Zhi glanced at the surrounding environment. His adaptability allowed him to quickly adjust his state in just two seconds.

He raised his hand and pressed the corner of his eye, his voice was the same as usual: “Which group was performing now?”

Bai Tang saw that Fang Zhi was still the one he was familiar with as if the gloom he just felt was just his illusion.

He shook his head: “The X group performance is almost over!”

Fang Zhi nodded, he got up from the sofa and walked out the door, saying that he was going to wash his face.

When the performance of group Y was over. The host introduces the audience to the last group of performers.

Fang Zhi entered the performance room smoothly, the scene in front of him and the dress on his body also began to change due to the holographic effect.

【I’m here, I’m here, is it the group that Fang Zhi was in? 】

【Yes, I have been waiting all night! I didn’t expect it to be the last group to appear! At the peak of the crowd, there were a lot of people watching at the same time, but now there are only a few left.]

【Ling Weiwei is also in this group! 】

Director Bi scored the members of the previous group, he looked up to see the list of members of the next group and looked in the direction of Lin Ji.

Oh, isn’t this the newcomer that Lin Ji is more concerned about?

The personal relationship between Lin Ji and Bi Dao was not bad. At this moment, Lin Ji just pretended that he didn’t notice the slightly playful gaze of the other party.

And gave the previous group of people a harsh and indifferent score, and then replaced it with the scoring table for the members of group Z. Twelve people were seated and the show started up.


This was a dance held in the old castle. All the people attending the banquet were dressed in fancy clothes, and the huge crystal chandeliers hung high, reflecting the whole lobby as bright and colorful.

Sam held up the expensive crystal wine glass in his hand, and the smile on his face seemed to have been measured, repeating the same action precisely and continuously.

The owner of the winery beside him was also laughing, discussing the famous and precious wine with the two earls, and picking up the wine glass from time to time during the conversation.

At this moment, two people walked in from the door of the banquet hall together.

Everyone was unconsciously attracted by the light blue. He walked to Sam, smiling and greeting the host of the ball.

The moment the young man appeared in the camera, Bi Dao’s eyes lit up. Kwong Ting watched it for two seconds, almost failing to catch Fang Zhi’s scene.

Fortunately, he has also practiced his part like crazy these two days, and his body has formed a muscle memory-like response.

Sam looked at the young man in front of him with a kind expression on his face: “Long time no see, Winter.”

“Yeah” Winter’s eyes turned to the left, with a very shallow smile on his lips, the whole person seemed to be caught in the memory.


“The last time was the year before winter.”


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