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BTAWWBTN Chapter 15

The show starts

As soon as the show commenced, the number of people watching online at the same time began to rise.

In just one minute, the audience exceeded half a million, and the number was still soaring. This year the host team consists of three people in total.


One was Wen Xin, who has been the host since the beginning of the eighth season.


The other is Ouyang who signed up for a live interview before, and the rest was the newcomer Guan who was ready to be supported.


The three completed the opening process and then began to introduce the lineup of this season’s player mentors.


Perhaps because this was the tenth season, all the mentors invited by the program team are renowned. 


The red flower, the phenomenon-level national TV audience, and finally the actor Lin Ji.


When the host introduced Lin Ji, the camera just sent a close-up. So the audience saw Lin Ji’s impeccably handsome face appearing on their screen, with deep eyebrows, gentle eyes, and a light tick at the corners of his lips with a smile.


A real epitome of beauty. The barrage just went crazy.


Then the host began to introduce the rules of the first round of the competition. Twenty-five groups of players appeared in the order from B to Z.


The average score would be taken and added to each member of the group. The full score of this part was fifty points.


The second part was the bonus points for popularity. Ten thousand people would be randomly selected from the online audience.


And the three groups of high-rated performers and the eight contestants with the most impressive votes would be awarded bonus points according to the vote ranking. Thirty for the whole and twenty for the individual.

The last two scores are added together, and the top 100 would advance to the next stage of the competition.


[Only one hundred people, so cruel]

(There are so many twenty-five groups?! Even if each group performance takes ten minutes long, When will the performance be over? )


[With transitions, I guess, it would take at least five hours]

[I feel like I can’t see the end, it’s too long]


The contestants can also see the live broadcast of the game from the smart terminal, but they have added some restrictions on the application side, and at this time, they cannot see the real-time barrage sent by the audience.


The scoring rules just introduced were not announced. The first group to play was the B group where Yan Yao and Cheng Tian are. Because the rehearsal was always full of people these days.


Fang Zhi has nothing to do. But to find a lot of classic movies to watch, he has seen a lot of movie clips they had acted in. He has to say that this group of people was still a bit on a high level.


Except for a few people, everyone else has solid basic skills. Especially the one named Yan Yao, who has worked a lot on his lines.


Although the team members who played against him were not bad, he was still the most outstanding out of the twelve. And their group was very comprehensive.


When compared with the CDEFG group that played behind them, there was a feeling of sparse performance.

Fang Zhi was so bored, eventually he clicked and closed the terminal.


The smart camera slowly flew over and stopped near Fang Zhi. The camera extended and aimed at the beautiful side face of the young man.


Watching Fang Zhi put the smart device aside, he lay down directly on the rest of the sofa, and squinted lazily and yawned.


Bai Tang was so surprised that his eyes almost popped out.

“Fang, Brother Fang?” He swallowed nervously, “You are…”


Fang Zhi hummed, and at the same time changed a comfortable position: “I’m tired, I will lie down for a while.”

This laydown continues for three hours.

Fang Zhi was still asleep. He even had a dream.


He dream of a world he had experienced, and his task was to play the owner of a western-style castle.


Despite having a title of nobility, the original owner was withdrawn and has a boring character, and Fang Zhi can only maintain his personality. Unless necessary, he would never go out.


This continued for fifty years. It was so tedious, any normal person would have gone crazy. That was definitely the most boring world that Fang Zhi ever traveled in.



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