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BTAWWBTN Chapter 14

Wild and spicy

In the Thirty-sixth floor of the conference room of the Electric Building. Wen Xin explained the rules of the first round to the program team, and all the staff below were in an uproar.

“The person who came up with such a rule was really bad, don’t you think?” A member of the show group quietly complained to a friend of the logistics support group beside him.

The logistics team members raised their index fingers and hissed, and then whispered their approval: “I agree very much, after all, Old Wen has always been nasty.


When the show was live, there may be a very strange chaotic scene.” Sitting in the back row was another member of show, who was listening to their discussion.


“Hey, have you seen the latest interview with Lin Ji?”


“It was just posted at noon today” said a member in the back row,

“He seems to be very optimistic about the newcomer named Fang Zhi, and he also said that he was very wild.”

“Wow, I’m shock. I never knew my family could speak like that”


After the meeting was over, The logistics team member couldn’t help but find a friend in the same group to share her astonishment.


“Did you see that? Lin Ji said that only knows…” Just before she finished speaking, the little friend beside her excitedly answered.

“I know! He called him a little wild cat!”


In the next few days, there was a rumor among the player group that Fang Zhi had an unusual relationship with Lin Ji.

Everybody was talking about it. During dinner, even when They go to the toilet they have to talk about a few words.


“Hey, do you know the rumor about Feng Zhi?”


“Of course I know, he was on the hot search in the audition before, and it is estimated that many viewers would be paying special attention to him,” the man said 


While raising his pants, “I was still there two days ago. I saw him in the cafeteria, but fortunately he was in the Z group, it would be unfortunate to be in the same group as him.”


“That’s right, and I also heard that someone passed by a few days ago, and they heard a logistics staff talking about him.”


“Oh? What gossip?”


“It seems that Lin Ji said that Feng Zhi was wild and spicy.”


Feng Zhi who just walked to the door to wash my hands. 



Why was he so wild and spicy?

And it was Lin Ji who said it?


Fang Zhi recalled the encounter at the restaurant that night, and he really couldn’t understand why he was wild and spicy.

He didn’t do anything to anyone, did he?


This doubt continued until Fang Zhi returned to the dining table, and Bai Tang, who was opposite him, looked at the expression on his face and couldn’t help but ask what happened. Fang Zhi came back to his senses, smiled and said nothing.


Bai Tang thought he was just like this and he was more worried about tomorrow’s live broadcast. After all, these few days have passed, and they have not been able to gather people to complete the line.


There were nine on the first day, but on the second day, there were only six left. 


After that, Kuang Ting stopped calling anyone, and let everyone practice on their own.


Bai Tang put down the spoon for the pudding and sighed sadly. If they are eliminated, they would probably not be able to eat the pudding in the cafeteria.


Most players were very nervous for the next day’s competition.


Netizens too, were also looking forward to the official launch of the show.


Five hours before the start of the live broadcast.


The entries of the new season have been already on the hot search list by netizens.


[Report! I’ve got Coke and fried chicken ready, just waiting for “Star 10” to air]


【Daily question, does anyone know how to open a personal account?]


[Hey, hey, I’m here for my goddess. ]

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