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BTAWWBTN Chapter 13



A total of nine people came to the practice room at two noon. Kwong Ting looked at the newly received news with a helpless expression.


“Just now two members refused my invitation to form a team. They said that if they were just acting according to the original play, there was no need for rehearsal at all. They haven’t replied yet.”


“It seems that I’m not the only one who thinks like this,” a man stood up from the ground and patted his pants habitually, “It was originally a scene in the movie, it’s better than wasting time. People who know if they will come might as well figure out how to act, tsk, I’m leaving too.”


“Hey, Yue Mo, wait a minute,” Kwong Ting stopped him and patiently persuaded him.


“But acting was not a one-person thing, especially since we are still performing live, so we need to work together. ” Before Kwong Ting could finish his words, the other party interrupted him impatiently.


“Cooperation? What we have in the same group was only competition. Only four of the twelve people can advance to the next round. It’s impossible for you not to know about this, right? Or you just know it. For this matter, to organize everyone so actively, and then watch the rehearsal effect as much as possible to add drama to yourself, you are good at calculation.”


Kwong Ting frowned: “You…”


“Forget it, if you are determined to leave, it’s useless if you want to stay.” Fang Zhi watched enough, and finally said, “Let him go.”


The man gave Fang Zhi a stern look and snorted. He walked out of the practice room while talking about who was going to be a stepping stone for who.


The rest of you looked at Feng Zhi, and he looked at Kwong ting, the atmosphere was a bit awkward for a while.


Kwong Ting pressed his forehead: “Okay, let’s not wait, let’s get to know each other first. I’m Kwong Ting, and I got the role of Sam.”


The curly-haired girl standing beside him introduced herself: “My name is Xiao Rou, you can call me Xiao Rou, and in the next performance, I will play the first person who finds the Earl’s body. Maid Windsor.”

Some things are easier to continue once you start.


The boy who was leaning against the mirror was named Liu Yiyan, and the role was Daniel, a young entrepreneur who was one of the suspects; beside him was a man in his thirties, Li Yuan, who played the role of the owner of the Winter’s Boss Lan


Next to Yu Lele, a quiet and gentle woman was detective assistant Tang.


Fang Zhi looked at Bai Tang beside him, and asked in a low voice, “How do I remember Tang was a man?”


Bai Tang raised his hand to cover his lips, and also whispered back: “This is not a big problem, the automatic makeup function of the performance has an intelligent processing system, which will fine-tune the data of the anti-string characters to understand the freedom of performance.”


When the two were talking, everyone else had already introduced them, and everyone turned their attention in their direction.


Bai Tang was a little nervous all of a sudden, and stood up straight: “I’m Gele, just call me Bai Tang.”


Compared to him, Fang Zhi was very calm, and nodded to everyone: “Fang Zhi, Winter.”


Bai Tang thinks his brother Fang is so cool. He didn’t expect a cooler one to follow the rules.


Ling Wei stood in a corner with her arms crossed, and when she heard that Fang Zhi’s character was Winter, she glanced at the latter rather coldly: “Alice.” Alice was Winter’s girlfriend at the dance.

“Cough,” Kwong Ting cleared his throat, bringing everyone’s attention back. Then he introduced to everyone,


“The person who left just now was Yue Mo, who would be playing the role of housekeeper Rob. Two people who have not come, their roles are Hormon and Yin Si; and the other is…”

“Am I late?”As a voice with hearty laughter fell, another person entered their practice room.

The boy with small tiger teeth curved his brows and eyes, looked around, and finally landed on Fang Zhi, “I’m Yingli who plays detective Enluo, please give me more advice.”




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