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BTAWWBTN Chapter 12

Group Z


Fang Zhi was getting more familiar with the operation of the application. Suddenly he received a new message alert.

It turned out that it was Kwong Ting,  who said he found only one team member on the third floor, and now he does not know where the remaining one was.

Fang Zhi looked at this message and suddenly acknowledged that he had forgotten one thing.

At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open, and a girl with a high ponytail stood at the door, her gaze fluttering glancing at the two people sitting on the sofa:

“Good evening .”


Fang Zhi didn’t react yet, but Bai Tang next to him stood up with a swish.

She she she…isn’t she…?!

Fang Zhi was calm and smiled at her: “It seems that you are our last roommate.”


“No way, I’m a little too late, the other rooms are full.” The girl shook her head neatly and beautifully. “Otherwise, who would normally choose a room number of two hundred and five?”

Bai Tang looked at Fang Zhi silently.


Fang Zhi knows nothing and keeps smiling; he even agreed with her: “You’re right.”


The girl snorted, she pulled the suitcase to the last empty room and slammed the door shut.


Fang Zhi picked up his smart terminal again and sent a message to Kwong Ting, saying that he probably knew who the last team member was. He patted the position next to him and motioned Bai Tang to sit down: “Do you know who she is?”


Bai Tang looked surprised: “You don’t know?”


Fang Zhi looked at him innocently.


Bai Tang:…

Well, it’s normal not to know each other.


“She was Ling Weiwei, the great artist of the Dance Academy. She has appeared on many shows in recent years, and her account has nearly 10 million fans” 


Bai Tang scratched his head, he was puzzled a bit.“I don’t know how suddenly she was running to play?”


“Who knows,” Fang Zhi smiled, “maybe she was here to chase stars.”

Cheng Tian was back later. Passing in front of Ling Weiwei’s room and seeing the name displayed on it, he was also obviously stunned. He stood there for four or five seconds and ran out of the living room again, the volume was a bit uncontrollable.

“Ling Weiwei? That Ling Weiwei?!”


Fang Zhi went back to his room to experience the function of the practice room. 

At this moment, there was only Bai Tang in the living room.


Because Fang Zhi’s reaction just now was too calm, Bai Tang wondered if he was making too much fuss. 


Now seeing Cheng Tian’s reaction, he suddenly felt like he had found his family. He rushed up and grabbed Cheng Tian’s hand.

“Yes, yes, yes! It’s Ling Weiwei! I didn’t expect a real person to look better than a photogenic! And she is more gorgeous and sassy! No wonder so many boys in our class wanted to marry her.”


Cheng Tian’s expression was a little dazed: “Then the last person in your group Z… is she the one?”


“Why do you say that? I didn’t dare to ask, but Brother Fang said it should be.”


Fang Zhi didn’t know how Kuang Ting got in touch with Ling Weiwei, anyway, they had already set up their group Z group reversal the next morning. 


They decided to meet at two o’clock noon for practice time.


Fang Zhi comprehended basic operations from Bai Tang last night. When the time was up, he logged into the app. After accepting the team invitation, he automatically entered holographic mode, and the surrounding environment also changed.


He pushed open the door in front of him, and two people had arrived earlier than him in the initial rehearsal room. One of them was Kwong Ting, whom he had met before, and the owner of the practice room.



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