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BTAWWBTN Chapter 11

Immediate performance


Fang Zhen wanted to try to contact the players in the same group.

Soon he found that the address book in the smart terminal was empty. And he had to store the contact information by himself.

After eating, the two returned to the dormitory, Cheng Tian was no longer in the dormitory.

The following afternoon, all players continued to visit the rooms to find members of each group. Around six in the evening, someone came and knocked on their door.


“I’m sorry to disturb you,” a said young man stood at the door.


He looked at Fang Zhi, and was stunned for a while, but quickly recovered.

“Excuse me, do you have a Z group member here?”

Bai Tang was reading the script seriously, so he couldn’t hear anything with the headphones on.


Fang Zhi put away the smart terminal in his hand, and replied with a chuckle: “My friend and I are both in the Z group.”


“That’s great!” The young man smiled and then introduced himself


“I am Kwong Ting, a member of the Z group, and the character I will play is Sam, I don’t know what you would be playing”


Fang Zhi gave him a deep look, and the corner of his lips drew a small arc.



Winter, the murderer of Sam in the original play.


Kwong Ting looked at Fang Zhi’s smile, and for a while, he didn’t know what expression he should put on.


“Ah, this…” He adjusted his glasses and looked at another person in the room, “What is your friend playing?”


“He is Gele.” Fang Zhi also asked a question. “Do you know who the other team members are?”


Kwong Ting took out his smart terminal, logged into the app and added him as a friend, and responded at the same time.


“I was looking for the person with my partner, she was looking for twenty-five rooms on the first floor, and I was in charge of 226 on the second floor.” 


There was a subtle pause when he said this, he looked up in the direction of the house number, and cleared his throat before continuing.


“Room 250.”


“Including the two of you, we have found ten people in total, and now the last two are left, which should be on the third floor. When all the people are found, I will start a group chat, and we will make an appointment for rehearsal. Then just open the practice room directly.”

Fang Zhi smiled and nodded. “Then I’ll trouble you.”


After Kuang Ting left, he took out his smart terminal and began to study how to open the practice room.




At this moment, Bai Tang took off his earphones, and his expression was a little bit of confusion: “Has anyone been here just now?”


“It was a player in the same group as us.”

Fang Zhi beckoned to him, ” He said it was a rehearsal in some practice room later, do you know how to do it?”


Before today, Bai Tang only knew Fang Zhi on the hot search and felt that the latter was an omnipotent boss.

After getting along for a long time, he has become accustomed to the magical setting that the boss knows nothing about.


Instant Show


This was the full name of their official performance app. There are three major sections in the app. The first one was the live broadcast square.

Which Fang Zhi has used in the audition. You can open the live broadcast room by yourself, or you can watch the live broadcast room opened by others. There was also a creative square.


In addition to the uploaded performance products, there are also many scripts written by netizens for platform users to choose from during the performance.


Practice mode was what Kwong Ting talked about. You can choose individual practice or team practice, or even random matching practice.


The practice room was also equipped with holographic immersion technology, as well as full visual video playback, and you can even adjust the scene layout and personal makeup.



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