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BTAWWBTN Chapter 10

Take you to fly

After going through the script, the smart terminal interface popped up as an animation of a lottery.


Fang Zhi saw the role he had drawn and smiled.


Then he turned to ask Bai Tang, 


“Who are you going to play?”


Bai Tang scratched his head, “Gele.”


Gale was the murderer’s friend in the original film, except for a few long-range mirrors, he was the opponent’s play with the murderer.


There are not many lines, and the length of the camera was also ranked second among the twelve people. 


He was a character with little sense of existence.


To put it bluntly, it’s just a trick.


Bai Tang felt that he probably couldn’t pass the first round.


Fang Zhi raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder.


“So, your luck was really good.”


Bai Tang was stunned for a while and was about to ask him why he said that.


When a voice suddenly came from the doorway.


 “Tang Tang? Is it you?”


 The two turned their heads.


Bai Tang saw the man but he could not remember him. 


After a storm of searches in his head to no avail, he finally asked cautiously.


 “May I ask who you are.”


“I’m from the same high school as you.” 


The person has a handsome and sunny face. He has a natural sense of familiarity. 


Faced with such a situation, he does not feel embarrassed at all. 


His smile was even brighter, “Just call me Cheng Tian.”


Cheng Tian then turned his attention to Fang Zhi: “This?”


“Fang Zhi.” Fang Zhi stretched out his hand to shake. 


“Oh, hello, hello, nice to meet you!” Cheng Tian shook his hand.


After a brief acquaintance, the three casually chatted a few words.


Cheng Tian looked at Fang Zhi and Bai Tang: 


“Are you two in the same group in the first round?”




Bai Tang didn’t think there was anything to hide.


“What was the matter?”


Cheng Tian hesitated for a moment and whispered: 


” I just heard that in the first round of elimination, there will be eliminated within the group.


And the top four in each group would be the ones who would advance.


So Everyone in the same group was a competitor. 


Now everyone is thinking about how to get more shots for themselves, and it is estimated that some people will force themselves to play.”


“Ah? Four?” 


Bai Tang was a little nervous and looked at Fang Zhi subconsciously.


The latter just smiled calmly: “Is that so?”


Cheng Tian seemed to want to say something, but Fang Zhi asked first.


“Cheng Tian, ​​are you from Group B?”


“How do you know?!” 


Cheng Tian was stunned, “Is it something that can be seen so easily, you are amazing!”


“No, I’ll just guess it like that.” 


Fang Zhi looked at him with a smile and got up.


“Then you have to work hard, after all, your group should have a lot of competitors.”


After saying that, he turned around and walked out the door, raising his hand and waving it casually.


“I heard that the cafeteria was very big, so I’ll go shopping now.”


Bai Tang quickly stood up: 


“Brother Fang, wait for me, I’ll go too.”


The two disappeared after a while.


Cheng Tian slowly suppressed the smile on his face and frowned.


Ten minutes later, Fang Zhi was standing in front of the ordering screen, he had a very confused expression.


His ninety-ninth mission world was a primitive period millions of years ago, food and clothing can only be described as crude.


Now there are so many delicious foods in front of him, and he doesn’t have to pay extra.


And the most difficult part was that he wanted to try all of them.


Afterward, he followed Bai Tang to learn how to use the ordering screen to get the most desired food smoothly.


Fang Zhi expressed his satisfaction.


The opposite Bai Tang was thinking about what happened just now.


“Brother Fang, are there only four people who can advance?”


“I don’t know, but if you want to advance, it should not be a big problem.”


Bai Tang thought he heard it wrong, and it took a long time to find his voice: 


“But, but mine…”


“I told you just now that you are lucky,” 


Fang Zhi said calmly after drinking the last sip of soup, 


“Brother Fang will take you to fly.”





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