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BTAWWBTN Chapter 1

Welcome back

[Tasker No.9540 uses 100,000 points to exchange for the world-class item “Return”. 】

[Tasker No. 9540 uses the item “Return”. 】

[Item activated, Successfully. 】

System floated into the air after leaving the host, watching the person lying on the bed slowly opening his eyes. He was very calm and compose.  

“Number 954…” The mechanical electronic sound was interrupted before it could finish.

“Wait, Let me see.”

The person on the bed lifted the quilt and got out of bed. He walked to the mirror and began to carefully examine every part of his body. At the same time, he spoke slowly and emphasized again: “My name is Fang Zhi.”

Sure enough, my body is the best looking.

Look at that waist! These long legs! It’s the golden ratio! Impeccable!

One word, Absolutely handsome!

After Fang Zhi admired enough, he put on the bathrobe that was stacked aside, and asked while tying the strap, “Why don’t you leave?”

For a while, the system had the illusion of being slag.

It was silent for a few seconds before speaking again.

“The current timeline is fifty years from now.”

The slender fingers hooked on the belt stopped.

Fang Zhi raised his head, with a dangerous sense of oppression in his eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“At that time, you left this world by accident, and the binding system performed tasks in various worlds. At the same time, the time of this world will not halt, but will continue to move forward.”

Fang Zhi quickly analyzed.

To save enough points in exchange for a “Return” prop, he had to travel to various worlds and complete tasks by playing a specific person. Not to mention, These tasks can e as short as a few days and as long as decades.

Ninety-nine worlds add up, it seems to have taken about five hundred years.

And his world has passed fifty years.

Even if it is a world-class prop “Return”, in the end, it can only help him to return to the original world, but not to the original point in time.

He feels like he has been pitted.

“The world is changing with each passing day, and the world is no longer the world you are familiar with. Your family and friends are gone.”

“In a few decades, you will experience birth, old age, sickness, and death. Instead of this, it is better to consider joining…”

“What are you babbling about? Join you?” 

Fang Zhi tied the bathrobe belt into a beautiful and sturdy bow, with a faint smile on his lips, “No need.”

The system understands him very well, so there is no more persuasion.

“The new ID card is in the first drawer of the bedside table on the left. The ID prepared for you is very clean without any records. The hotel room is reserved for three days. After three days, you need to pay by yourself. Finally…”

After explaining the matter, the sound of the system gradually became smaller.

“…welcome back, Fang Zhi, and bye.”

The last syllable fell thinly in the air and dissipated as soon as the wind blew.

“Um, thanks.”

Fang Zhi didn’t move, just chuckled.

“See you again.”

The average person will feel out of touch with the times after being thrown away for fifty years.

But not him. He was not worried a bit.

After all, he has been to all kinds of worlds, and even if he encounters a situation where zombies bite his forehead as soon as he opens his eyes, Fang Zhi never panics. He has developed the ability to adapt!

Speaking of which, when he used to do a task, the system would directly provide him with information about each world, which was quite convenient, but now what he wants to know can only be done by himself.

Fang Zhi shrugged, put on his clothes, and went straight out the door.

Five minutes later, he came to the large shopping mall next to the hotel, found a place that was inconspicuous and could see the surrounding environment, and looked around carelessly.

On the surface, it looks like he was waiting for someone, but in fact, he was carefully observing everything that was coming and going.

Feng Zi has to say that even after fifty years of improvement, there is still a big gap between this world and the world in his memory.

For Example, the new energy vehicle with magnetic levitation function and automatic driving technology running on the road; for example, the self-cleaning intelligent robot slipping on the ground of the shopping mall; and for example, the big advertising screen with several frames bursting directly opposite.

As for the stars and brands in the advertisements, he doesn’t know any of them.

“My God! It’s Lin Ji!!”

The two girls in front of Fang Zhi suddenly screamed in surprise.

There on the big screen, he saw, Man wearing the dark black vacuum suit which was tailored and fitted highlighting the advantages of the body with wide shoulders and narrow waist, and the lines of the chest muscles are full of strength. Paired with a pair of passionate eyes, when the camera swipes, you can feel the hormonal explosion through the screen.

“Ahh, he is so handsome.” The girl with the ball head grabbed her best friend’s puff sleeves and shook them wildly.

“Lin Ji went to “Star” to be a judge?! Really?! Really?! I read that right!”

“It’s true! Let’s follow up “The Star” together this year! Alas… don’t pull it, don’t pull it, my clothes will be stripped off!”

Fang Zhi turned his attention back to the direction of the big screen. The end of this promotional video ended with a glowing logo.

I Am the Star of Tomorrow. It was followed by a food ad.

Fang Zhi stared at the sizzling beef short ribs on the screen, and the corner of his mouth slowly drew a small arc.

Eat on, with your face?

He is good at this!


  1. Perkele_Dudette03 says:

    Ohooo~ this one’s interesting! Thank you for picking this one up!

  2. Perkele_Dudette03 says:

    I kinda feels sad, though, when the system said, “welcome back, Fang Zhi, and bye”. I don’t know whyyy. Even though the author did not show those 99 worlds and the interactions between the MC and the systèm, I still feels sad. T_T

  3. Ohhhh the intro seems interesting, afteresult of world hopping, how curious!

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