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BCT Chapter 002

Disgusting object

002 Disgusting Object

 What appeared before me with a roar was a being that looked like a mixture of a beetle’s shell, with the legs of a spider, and praying mantis’s arms mixed together and made even bigger.

 An insect monster.

 That’s what it looked like to Shinya. That was all he could see.
 The rounded form, about the size of a house, was divided into a hairy part and a shiny black shell, and its many legs were those of an insect called an arthropod.
 The praying mantis arms rubbed against each other in front of its face, making a dull sound. Even it’s sickle alone was larger than Shinya.
 Its unrealistic size and its form, which looked as if it were poorly attached by a child, instilled in Shinya a sense of physiological disgust.
 Menacingly, as if to intimidate him, the insect monster turned its body toward Shinya, snapping its jaws with a clang, clang, clang.
 Its eyes, which in insects are called compound eyes, looked like a large number of hexagons pasted together, and although he was uncertain where they were looking, Shinya felt as if it had its eyes on him.


 He feels it as soon as he sees it. No matter how you look about it, there was no conversation to be had. The mantis’s arm felt powerful enough to tear his body apart, evoking the vision.


 Shinya screams and turns around, unconsciously trying to escape.
 His legs become tangled. His body hits the ground hard. The pain brings him back to himself and he remembers.
 He remembers the girl who was facing him.
 My legs are trembling. She must be stronger than I am.
 I would’ve died if I hit a building like she did, and I can’t move several meters in a single leap, and I don’t have a weapon like she does.
 My hands also tremble. It’s the girl I just met.
Isn’t it more important to protect yourself from that insect monster? Yes, you should run away. There’s no hope for you.


 I suppress the thought.
 She’s a girl, no matter how I look at it. There’s no way she’s stronger than that insect monster. I don’t want to ever again be unable to protect anyone.


 Shinya suppresses the thought of abandoning the girl and grabs the nearest piece of rubble.

“You son of a bitch!”

 With a bold curse, he threw the rubble he grabbed at the monster.
 It sounds good to say that he inspires himself, but what can he do? All Shinya can do is throw stones at the insect monster while making strange noises.

“Go over there! Quickly!”

 He shouts at the girl, who probably didn’t understand Japanese, and urges her to run away with his body language and hand gestures.
 The girl, surprised, extends her arm towards him, and takes a step forward.
 Shinya sees this and waves his arms in the air, raising his voice.

“No, don’t come over here! Run! Get out of here! Get the fuck out of here!”

 There was a thud.

 My brain shook. One delay later, my body blows sideways, slamming hard against the rubble wall.

“Geeho …… is …….”

 It takes a little of a delay for Shinya to realize that he had been punched by the insect monster.


 Pain he had never suffered in his life surges.
 He desperately tries to breathe, but there is something wrong with his lungs and all he can do is take gusty breaths.

 Beyond the pain, it’s hot. I can taste iron in my mouth. Is there a cut in my mouth, or is it coming from inside my body?

 He was hot and dazed. Yet, his eyes still followed the girl.

 Run away, please run.

 That was his single-minded wish. The desire grows stronger as he is subjected to the random violence of the insect monster.
 However, the girl, contrary to Shinya’s wish, starts running towards them.
 Perhaps reacting to her movement, the insect monster turns towards her and, busily moving its many legs, intervenes between her and Shinya to block her way.
 Shinya, in pain, opened his mouth to the girl, who had disappeared from sight.

“Well …… to …… and …… to …….”


 The sound, which was smaller than when the monster fell or when the girl flew, reached Shinya’s ears loud and clear.
 The sound of something piercing something hard and tearing flesh. The change that accompanied the sound startled him.
 A black stick protruded from the back of the insect monster that was facing the girl. The black stick looked a lot like the one the girl had just held.
 The monster collapsed. It rolled to the side, turning its top and bottom upside down, folding its legs into a small fold. The legs twitched and twitched, and then it stopped moving. A green puddle formed on the ground.
 A sour smell, probably the bodily fluids of the insect monster, fills the air.


 Shinya’s eyes widened. The black stick in the girl’s hand disappeared. Apparently, the girl had pierced the insect monster with the black stick she had earlier pointed at him.
 He was taken aback, and before he knew it, the girl was right next to him.
 The girl was in tears. She was on her knees and had her hand on Shinya’s cheek.

“——–. ————–”

 She’s saying something again.

“I’m sorry, I don’t …… know what …… you’re saying.”

 I felt my consciousness becoming distant. I don’t know if I’m just going to pass out. Or die.
  I just saw my own dead body and now I, too, will die.

 Such an incomprehensible, dreamlike, inconsistent world.

  Shinya is satisfied that the girl seems to be safe, even if just for the time being, and is about to close his eyes.
 He couldn’t do anything. The girl didn’t even need to run away. If that was the case, he was beaten by an insect, and lost. It didn’t mean anything.
  He, however, had no regrets about his actions.

  In that moment, I was able to act without regret. Even if it was complacent, I was able to live properly.

  For Shinya, it was enough.

 And the fact that the last thing I see is the crying face of a beautiful girl, somewhat like in a movie…

 Boom! Boom! Boom!

 Shinya’s one scene of such a small, satisfying death is drowned out by the roaring sounds.
 The girl turned around. Ahead of her eyes was an insect monster.
 It was a little bigger than the previous one. This time, it looked like a dung beetle, but its size was about the size of Shinya’s apartment. There was at least three of them.

 Two pairs of long jointed legs, which aren’t found in the original beetle, swell and wriggle toward us.
 I looked up at the face of the girl who had stood up. There, I saw a different kind of “impatience” than before.

 Shinya’s consciousness awakens.
 The girl was once again holding two black sticks in each hand, which she had taken out of nowhere.

“——–. —-!”

 After telling Shinya what was going on, the girl ran to the monster. However, Shinya did not understand what she wanted to convey.

“Wait, no, it’s ……!”

  I desperately try to reach out, but my body no longer listened to me.

 Shinya was huddled on the rubble, barely able to breathe.
 In contrast to him, the girl dances lightly, as if oblivious to gravity, and throws a black stick at the insect monster as if it were a spear. As soon as she throws it, another black stick appears in her hand again.
 With a clang, clang sound, the monster’s shell deflects the stick.
 Each time the girl attacks, the insect monster retreats, but apparently not enough to penetrate the big beetle monster’s shell.
 Yet, she doesn’t run away. She flies around Shinya and pushes the insect monster back by throwing sticks at it, even though she couldn’t defeat it.
 One after another, insect monsters appear and surround the two. Some of the monsters are killed by the girl’s spear throws, but against the biggest one among them, her attacks were not decisive.
 Before they knew it, her and Shinya were surrounded by insect monsters.
 Shinya was seething, unable to move, yet unable to faint.
 This was because he knew that he was being protected by the girl’s fighting style, which centered around him and chased away the approaching insect monsters.

 Because of me, she won’t be able to leave this place where the monsters keep gathering.
  The loss of the earlier beating has put a greater burden on her than she could take on alone.

“Run, run away……, …….”

  All I can do is try my best to talk to her.
 But even though I wish against it, she just keeps on fighting.

 Shinya was tormented by regret that the word “unworthy” was not enough.


 One after another, the insect monsters appeared, but the explosion, which was particularly loud, announced the arrival of a fourth one, a large dung beetle on which the girl’s attacks were ineffective.
 The circle in which the girl fights gradually gets smaller and smaller. Slowly, slowly, the swarm of insect monsters approached.
  A small insect…say, a kanabu the size of a basketball, flies right by Shinya through the gap between the girl’s attacks.
 Kahn! Shinya’s body is blown away with a high-pitched sound.”

“ Aaahhh!”

 Shinya let out an unreliable scream as he flew through the air.
 The girl heard the scream and rushed to Shinya’s side. However, a number of insects settle between them.
 The girl’s line of defense was now broken.
 Shinya’s body flies through the air and slams to the ground. He struggles desperately to raise his body, not knowing whether it hurts because of the hit he took or whether it was painful to begin with. Dust flew in the air, and he choked repeatedly.
 He gets down on all fours in an attempt to somehow get his prone body back up.

 When I slowly opened my eyes through the dust, I saw “it” right in front of me.

 Their eyes met.
 Sitting there was his own, dead body.


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