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Cat is not bad

Translator note: – will be editing the previous updated chapter of this story to make sure more in flow. So far chap 1 part 1 (1.1) has been updated.  Those who want to read please check it out. 



“Where did this guy come from? Don’t tell me he is here to ask for justice. Is he here to prove me guilty? No this is not ok, I’m not guilty, it’s me who has become the victim. I should ask for justice! ‘ Yan Yuqi’s gaze towards Lu Yuying gradually changed from initial surprise and doubt to displeasure.

Unlike Yan Yuqi’s rapidly changing mood, Lu Yuying maintained a blank expression when he looked at Yan Yuqi, making it impossible for people to guess his true thoughts. He just stared at Yan Yuqi so firmly without saying a word.

The people around them fell into a strange silence because of Lu Yuying’s sudden action. Over time, the surrounding air pressure gradually decreases.

Just when Yan Yuqi who was a little irritated by the pervert stares, wanted to say something to him. 

Suddenly Lu Yuying said, “What’s your name?” The voice that spoke now was crisp yet has an irresistible charm. This made Yan Yuqi’s heart tremble. Although they spent a night together,  it was the first time he was clearly hearing Lu Yuying ‘s voice. Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, there is no denying the fact that this guy not only has good skin, bones, and temperament, but even his voice is damn good! However, that doesn’t lessen the anger rising in his heart. This condescending gaze and the attitude of questioning in a commanding tone make him extremely unhappy!

Yan Yuqi evoked a professional smirk, looked at Lu Yuying, and said indifferently: “Before asking someone else’s name, it is basic courtesy to state your name.”

The moment Yan Yuqi finished speaking. The air pressure that was already lowered, lowered a few degrees in an instant. At this moment, everyone completely ignored why Lu Yuying asked Yan Yuqi’s name. Everyone’s inner focus was on Yan Yuqi’s attitude when he spoke. 

For the movement, everyone’s thoughts were in a union.

“This is Lu Yuying, the most famous sentinel in interstellar space, Yan Yuqi asked him to report his name, is he stupid?’

“Rumor has it that Lu Yuying is indifferent and easily gets irritated. He has beaten countless sentinels just due to that. Does Yan Yuqi not want to live anymore?

“This Yan Yuqi is trying to get hold of golden thighs again. I hope Lu Yuying will beat him up in a fit of rage!

“I hope Lu Yuying doesn’t get angry with Brother Yan. Brother Yan just wants to know his name. ‘

“This is a good show to watch! ‘

Just when everyone held their breath and looked forward to Lu Yuying’s actions in their hearts, 

Lu Yuying looked at Yan Yuqi quietly for a while, and then slowly let out three words with no expression: “Lu Yuying. You?”

People around them were once again. surprised. They all thought in their hearts –

“Lu Yuying is not even angry!??? ‘

‘The rumors must be fake, right? How can Lu Yuying have a good temper! ‘

‘Is Lu Yuying okay?  Is he behaving like this because of Yan Yuqi? ‘

Lu Yuying’s very cooperative attitude made Yan Yuqi want to choke him. His smirk and the happiness he felt were long forgotten. He thought the other party would be angry and this way even he can retaliate a bit but unexpectedly, the other party reported his name. Although Lu Yuying’s tone and attitude were still as annoying as before, since he has already reported his name, it now became impossible for Yan Yuqi not to say his name. 

Yan Yuqi looked at Lu Yuying and said calmly. His attitude was like he was reading a morning newspaper: “Yan Yuqi.”

 Lu Yuying didn’t say anything after hearing his name, he quietly turned to look at the white cat who was lying lazily beside him with its eyes closed. He once again dropped three words in a flat tone: “The cat is not bad.” after saying that he left.

Leaving behind Yan Yuqi who was in a state of unfamiliarity: Is the cat good??! Did he just come here just to praise his spirit? Such an annoying guy!!!

After strongly condemning Lu Yuying in his heart, Yan Yuqi gradually calmed down. He calmly jotted down the events in his mind. Started with that annoying guy. That guy stopped and asked his name, which means he didn’t investigate his life. And if Lu Yuying had done that there would have not needed him to ask for his name. This indicates that either Lu Yuying has completely forgotten about that day or he is not interested in him. Whether it is the former or the latter, it shows that Lu Yuying is not here just because of him. However, this realization, somehow, did not make Yan Yuqi happy. Obviously, both of them are responsible for the accident. Why is he the only one here to worry about the child’s fate? While the other freely roams around!!!! 

Speaking of which, Lu Yuying is also an SSS-level sentinel, so he is more likely to become a dark sentinel and more at the stake of running rampant. Although the dark sentinels are not someone that everyone loves, still they will not need the help of guides to purify and guide like other sentinels.

Judging from the amount of energy in Lu Yuying’s rampage before, it will not accumulate in one night but his dark energy is more like it has not been purified and channeled for many years. Maybe that guy just deliberately didn’t purify and made a special trip here to purify!

Why the hell is he thinking about that guy? It is better if he does not meddle in that guy’s matter!

“Brother Yan, Brother Yan.” a soft pulled Yan Yuqi out of his thoughts. He looked at the source of the voice and saw Zhou Yue’s concerned face.

“Everyone has gone away, what are you thinking about so deeply?” Zhou Yue asked with concern.

“Nothing.” Yan Yuqi responded.

“Really?” Zhou Yue answered suspiciously: “Then let’s go back. The team leader said that we can disband on our own.”

As they were about to walk out, a figure suddenly swayed in front of Yan Yuqi blocking his way.

“What’s the relationship between you and Lu Yuying?” This unkind and familiar tone, except for Zhang Yu, who else can speak in such a venomous way?

Before Yan Yuqi could answer, Zhou Yue stared at Zhang Yu with a displeased face and said, “Why does it matter to you? What’s your business?”

Zhang Yu sneered when he heard Zhou Yue’s words: “It seems that it doesn’t matter.” He intensely stared at Yan Yu: “Yes, how could a B-level guide know the SSS-level sentinel? I think highly of you, it must be because of your weak mental body. Since not everyone can be a weakling like you, that must be why Lu Yuying has stopped to double-check.”

While Zhang Yu was speaking he kept glancing at the little white cat lying on Yan Yuqi’s shoulders with disdain: “Your spirit animal is the same as yours. A weakling and loser.”

When Zhou Yue heard those words, he stepped in front of Yan Yuqi and grabbed Zhang Yu’s cloth, he clenched a fist in the air with one hand as he was about to hit that irritating guy. 

Yan Yuqi stepped forward and held Zhou Yue’s hand in the air, and patted his hand with a gentle tone he said: “Don’t get your hands dirty. Something is not worth looking”

Zhou Yue heard Yan Yuqi’s words. With a glaze, he took away the hand that was holding Zhang Yu with disgust.

When Zhang Yu was free, he immediately took a few steps back and said arrogantly: “Yan Yuqi, you only dare to hide behind others, you coward! You wait. Just when I have a chance, see how I deal with you!” Zhang Yu glared at Yan Yuqi again and then left quickly.



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