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Great show

One after another, gossip reached Yan Yuxi’s ears.


Listening to this his mood was even more confused than before.


Since Yan Yuxi saw Lu Yuying’s news.


He has inexplicably avoided turning on the TV.


For a lot of periods, he has been intentionally ignoring a lot of news about Lu Yuying.


Even when browsing the web with his intellectual brain.


The 9 district was said to be very small.


The guide room here was too tiny. And if Lu Yuying came here then it would be a matter of time before he will meet that guy.  


However, he didn’t want to see that guy at all.


Yan Yuxi wishes that guy just came to the 9 district on a whim and has no plans to move to the nine districts. 


With a complex mood, Yan Yuxi walked alongside Zhou Yue.


They followed the team leader to the square.


Looking at those people that were neatly lined up in front of him.


Yan Yuxi was speechless: This guy was so superior!


With this treatment, he was afraid that even the main heads of other districts would never be able to enjoy it.


However, with so many people standing, it was good.


As long as he was standing in the back row,  that guy wouldn’t be able to see him.


Thinking like this, Yan Yuxi directly walked to the last row of the nine groups.


More than 60 people stood in three rows. 


About 20 people in one row stood in the back.


When Yan Yuqi came to the last row, he realized that he seemed to have overlooked a serious problem.


The guides are generally not tall, especially those who are in 9 district.


Only a few people were taller than him.


Even if he was standing behind at this moment, with his height of 1.86 meters.


It was still conspicuous.


Still, no matter what, it was better here than being in the front row, Yan Yuxi thought.


Although Zhou Yue didn’t know why Yan Yuxi was standing in the back, still he too spontaneously stood by Yan Yuxi’s side.


Yan Yuxi picked a fairly good position with a slightly taller person standing in front. It was not as conspicuous as before. 


The voice of their nine-team leader called him out: 


“Xiao Yan, you come and stand at the front of the team. Come here fast.”


“No need, I’ll just stand here.” Yan Yuxi refused without thinking.


Looking at the fat body of the team leader. Who was waving at Yan Yuxi with a kind smile.


“You are the face of our 9 group, with such a beautiful face, how can you stand in the back, hurry up, come to the front.”


Yan Yuxi: “…”


Don’t look at their group leader’s Kind and Buddha smile. 


There was no room for others to refute when he decided on something.


Since the result was set.


He didn’t bother to waste time talking to the leader. 


Thinking like this, Yan Yuxi said, “I see. I will come up there”


Yan Yuxi walked ahead and stood at the front of the team.


Seeing this, the team leader nodded with great satisfaction and then walked towards the back row of the team to organize the team.


After the team leader left, a disgusting male voice that was deliberately lowered came from his side: 


“Isn’t it because your face looks a little better, there is nothing to be proud of, you will always be a salted fish.”


Yan Yuxi: “…”


With such hatred and lethal touch, no one could speak like Zhang Yu.


When Yan Yuxi walked here, he didn’t notice anyone standing next to him.


He didn’t want to stand here in the first place.


But there was a fly that liked to pick his thorns the most.


Although this guy’s insults are not at all lethal and he doesn’t care about them at all.


Who likes flies buzzing around their ears?


Just when Yan Yuxi sighed helplessly in his heart, Zhang Yu’s deliberately lowered humming continued: 


“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking, you just want to stand in front and rely on your face to hook Lu Yuying.


I advise you to save your troubles. First of all Lu Yuying was an SSS-level sentinel. 


A-level guides like me were barely on the bar. 


And you being a B-level guide, you cannot do it in your life. 


Salted fish should look like salted fish, don’t try to flap around your wings!”


Yan Yuxi: “…”


He had to admire this man’s imagination.


Because he was too speechless, and he didn’t want to talk to anyone. 


At this moment, the team leader’s voice emerged from his  right: “Zhang Yu, stand back, and Zhou Yue stand in front.”


Zhang Yu who was silent for a moment, and answered unwillingly: 


” Yes.” 


Before leaving, he glared at Yan Yuxi.


However, Yan Yuxi didn’t look at him at all.


There was one less ‘buzzing’ fly in his ear. 


For the first time in his life, Yan Yuxi felt that the team leader’s short, chubby figure was a little taller in his heart.


After a while, Zhou Yue stood beside him. 


Yan Yuxi lowered his eyes slightly, and his thoughts began to wander off.


The warm sunlight hit him, and suddenly made Yan Yuxi, who had not slept well for the past few days, a little sleepy.


Yan Yuxi’s mind gradually wandered into the world.


He didn’t notice when the voices around him vanished.


Only to be replaced with orderly footsteps.


Yan Yuxi lowered his head slightly to make him less noticeable. 


Suddenly out of nowhere a pair of well-crafted black leather boots stopped in front of him.


Only when they appeared in his sight.


Yan Yuxi raised his head subconsciously, wanting to see who it was.


Immediately, a familiar handsome face came in front of his eyes.


Yan Yuxi’s pupils shrank.


Alarm bells rang out in his heart.


‘Why the hell was Lu Yuying? 








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