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Great show

Three days later –


Yan Yuxi was sitting at his workstation, his right hand was holding the mouse while he rested his chin on his left hand. 


Yan Yuxi sighed when he looked at the sentinel data on the screen for appointments that would be coming for counseling.


Recently, due to the matter of mutant alien species, the number of sentinels who were visiting for grooming has doubled as compared to the previous ones. 


Most of these sentinels are below the S- level. 


They were from A, B, C, and d-level sentinels. 


As a B-level guide, his workload has made twice as much compared to before.


Not only that, but the more important thing was that no matter how busy they are, their wages are fixed!


He wants to retire early!


Unfortunately, he was decades away from retirement. 


Thinking of this Yan Yuxi sighed helplessly.


“What are you looking at and sighing so much?” 


 A refreshing voice of a male who was standing in front of Yan Yuxi’s desk and holding a cup of coffee.  


 “It’s nothing, just checking out on how many people still need to be groomed.” 


Yan Yuxi responded while placing his left hand which was supporting his chin.  


The person who he was talking to was his junior – Zhou Yue.


An A-level guide who had just entered the Ninth District and it’s been only less than a year. 


For some reason, he always liked to take the initiative to talk to him. 


Although Yan Yuxi responded politely every time. 


The more times they are together, the more they get to know each other.


“There’s been a lot of work lately. Drink some hot coffee to refresh your mind.” Zhou Yue pointed at the coffee on Yan Yuqi’s desk.


Hearing this, Yan Yuqi lowered his eyes and glanced at the coffee in front of him. 


The aroma of coffee coming was his favorite brand.


For the past few days, he was in a bad mood. 


Of course, it was not because of the guidance of those sentries, but because of the cub in his stomach.


When he thought of having a child in his stomach for no apparent reason, he would feel very entangled.


He has not decided on whether he wants this child or not.


Not to forget he has not been able to sleep for the past few days. 


 Of course, this was a minor issue but the most vital thing was that he used to eat whatever he wanted to. 


However, now, whenever he wanted to eat or drink the first thing that popped into his mind was.


Can pregnant people eat it? 


For instance, right now, even though it was his favorite brand of coffee.


His first reaction was that coffee has caffeine because it’s not good for children, so He doesn’t drink it anymore.


He is crazy!


No, he must not be controlled by this inexplicable child!


Thinking of this, Yan Yuxi said, “Thank you.” 


Then he picked up the coffee cup in front of him, and just as he raised the cup to his lips and was about to take a sip, a feeling of discomfort suddenly appeared in his throat.


This feeling made him frown subconsciously.


“What’s wrong? You don’t look good.” 


Zhou Yue looked at Yan Yuxi with concern.


“It’s nothing, thank you for the coffee, I’ll drink it later.” 


While speaking Yan Yuxi put down the coffee in his hand back on the desk. 


“Then you rest for a while, if you are still not feeling well, go to the infirmary to see.” Zhou Yue said with a worried look.


When Yan Yuxi heard the words, he was about to respond, but he didn’t want to when an annoying male voice suddenly appeared in his ear.


“I think it’s fake that he was not feeling well, it’s mainly because he wanted to go to the infirmary and be lazy.”


Yan Yuxi’s heart was not troubled, and he was too lazy to take care of these annoying talks.


However, as a loyal follower of Yan Yuqi, Zhou Yue naturally cannot allow others to slander him.


“You Zhang Yu, don’t you  dare to talk like that?” Zhou Yue said to Zhang Yu unhappily.


“What did I say? I’m telling the truth. He was originally a salted fish. All the people in the entire nine districts knew that he entered our group only by his face. Otherwise, how was he a B-level guide able to qualify to join our group? Zhang Yu sneered.


“There are many B-level guides in our group. Could it be that other B-level colleagues also rely on their faces?” Zhou Yue said displeasedly.


 “I didn’t say that, but our district has always been top quality and the B-level is one level lower than me was treated better.  So what if I say that!?”


When talking about his level, Zhang Yu’s tone was a little smug: “Also, I advise you, A-level looks like A-level, don’t always follow the useless B-level and lower your identity. . “


“I think you are itchy, you can go out!” “Zhou Yue said coldly. He squeezed his fists tightly.


Seeing that Zhou Yue was about to come to him to fight.


Yan Yuxi sighed helplessly. He reached out and grabbed Zhou. Yue’s arm. 


With a  slight smile on his lips: “Forget it, how can a person be angry with chicken?”


“Yan Yuxi, who are you calling chicken!” Zhang Yu stood up from his workstation and said angrily.


“Whoever asks is who,” Yan Yuqi said lightly. 


While speaking he didn’t even look at Zhang Yu.




Hearing this, Zhang Yu glared at him. 


His eyes have become red. He wanted to say something, but he could not. 


Suddenly, a short, chubby middle-aged man appeared out of the corner of his eye. 


Zhang Yu turned around and looked at the man. 


He was one of the important figures in the nine groups.


Due to the man being outside the door of the guide room, Zhang Yu swallowed words and then whispered unwillingly: 


“Wait for me!”


After that, he hurriedly sat down. When Yan Yuqi listened to the words, there was no turbulence in his heart.


If he didn’t want to see Zhou Yue fighting for him, he would have not paid attention to him at all.


“The team leader is here, I’ll go back to the station.”  “Zhou Yue said.




Yan Yuxi refocused his attention on the computer-based brain.


After a short while, with the sound of hastening footsteps.


 A short and chubby middle-aged man walked into the guide room.


He clapped his hands twice, and then raised his voice: 


“Lu Yuying has come to our district as Chief Executive Officer. This is an order everyone put away the work at hand and go out to meet him.” 


As soon as the team leader finished speaking. People started gossiping around. 


“My God, is it Lu Yuying? Why did he come to our district?”


 “My God, am I going to see him? I’m so excited!”


“I read the news that he has decided to move to our district. Could it be that he wants to move to our district? Oh, God!”


“True or false, if he transfers to our district, will I have a chance to help him out?”


“I don’t want to help him, I heard that although he is handsome and strong, he has a bad temper.  I don’t want to be beaten.”


“It’s okay, I’m not afraid of being beaten by him, it’s my honor to be beaten by him, after all, he has a good family background, strong strength, and looks very handsome. “


Can you be more restrained, but you said right, his family background is so good, if you can get acquainted with him, in the future you would not have any problems.”


 “Don’t think about it, He was a SSS level, even if he wants to find a guide, they would at least be S level or the above. We would never get our chance.”



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