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ATSFGCTCOTSS Chapter 2 part 2


Yan Yuqi didn’t make a sound, just stared at the word ‘pregnancy’ with his eyes unblinking. 

At the same time, his hand which held the paper document unconsciously clenched. He rolled the paper into a ball. 


Because he has lost his appetite recently and felt sleepy unconsciously he came here to check to see if there was something wrong with his body, but he didn’t expect to get such a test result!


“This is not my report, you got it wrong.” Yan Yuqi said unwillingly.


“I drew the blood for you, and I also stared at the report with my own eyes.” Qi Peiyi said.


“Then the equipment, you use to check has some problem. Something is wrong.” Yan Yuqi said he was still unwilling to believe.


“The equipment is inspected by special personnel every day.” Qi Peiyi said calmly.


Yan Yuqi: “…”


Knowing that it was useless to argue. Yan Yuqi said the most difficult thing for him to accept: “Then tell me, how could I be pregnant by a man!”


When Qi Peiyi heard the words, he didn’t explain but instead asked him: “Did you do it with the sentinel a month ago?”


Yan Yuqi was stunned when he heard the words. He frowned, “Why are you asking this?”


“Look at it. It’s done.” Qi Peiyi said clearly.


Yan Yuqi pursed his lips, but in the end, he didn’t refute.


“The child in your stomach belongs to that sentinel.” Qi Peiyi said sternly.


Yan Yuqi: “…”


“I am telling you, you can’t talk nonsense.” Yan Yuqi stared at Qi Peiyi and said.


“Is it possible that there was more than one?” Qi Peiyi was stunned for a moment and then asked in surprise.


“What nonsense are you talking about!” Yan Yuqi gritted his teeth and said, “If you want to believe it or not but if you continue to talk nonsense. I will send all the people you’ve dated before to your current boyfriend!”


Qi Peiyi breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this: “So, I was right. Your child belongs to that sentinel In the end, he added: “Also, my previous love history has been reported, so your threat doesn’t work for me.”


When Yan Yuqi heard the words, he gave a light “hum.” Then he stopped talking.


Qi Peiyi looked at him without saying a word he narrowed his eyes: “Can you tell me who that sentinel is?”


He knew that Yan Yuqi was not interested in relationships since he was a child.


Otherwise, based on his appearance, it is impossible to be 23 years old and still be solo.


Furthermore, although he looks very smart, he doesn’t know anything about feelings, so he was really afraid that he will be deceived.


Yan Yuqi pursed his lips when he heard the words, and then said three words in an impatient and ordinary tone: “Lu Yuying.”


Qi Peiyi was stunned when he heard these words.


At this moment, he seriously suspected that he had auditory hallucinations, otherwise, how could he have heard that name?


After all, not to mention that the first district of the Interstellar Post Office where Lu Yuying is located is far away from their ninth district. There was no possibility for the two of them to meet at all. Not to forget people say that Lu Yuying is cold to everyone and he has never heard of him being in a relationship. Especially with such a good face?


“You’re talking about Lu Yuying? The strongest sentinel in interstellar space?” Qi Peiyi asked in disbelief because he was too shocked.


“Yeah.” Yan Yuqi replied calmly.


After getting the affirmative answer from Yan Yuqi, Qi Peiyi’s expression changed from disbelief to shock, and finally to gossip: “What the hell is going on? Come on tell me quickly!”


Yan Yuqi: “… “


Even at this moment. Qi Peiyi’s face still has the slightest bookishness on his face.


“I don’t want to say it.” Yan Yuqi said coldly.


While refusing, Yan Yuqi’s mind quickly flashed the image of that day.


That day’s memory was not good.


That guy was born a beast!


It’s okay to be rude, but why is your physical strength so good? It hurt him when he returned home.


If it weren’t for his physical fitness, he would have to ask for leave the next day!


When he thinks of this, he gets angry!

If it weren’t for the fact that he had a problem and not to forget that guy was too handsome. And also because of the rampant dark energy which caused all his actions out of control. He would have killed him before even waking up!


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