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ATSFGCTCOTSS Chapter 2 part 1


Yan Yuqi was pulled by Lu Yuying. His head hit Lu Yuying’s strong and sturdy chest. Combined with the heat, the somewhat dazed brain became dizzier.

“Can you be gentle!” The discomfort in his head made Yan Yuqi complain subconsciously: “Now that you’re awake, let me go!” 

While he was speaking, Yan Yuqi wanted to use his hand which was not caught by Lu Yuying.  With the help of his hand which was resting on the ground, he managed to sit up with the strength of his arms.

Coincidentally, at this moment, Lu Yuying suddenly turned sideways. Yan Yuqi quickly realized that something was wrong, and said, “Sorry.” He blurted out, but when he thought that the culprit was not himself, Yan Yuqi hurriedly defended himself: “However he was not to be blamed.

“Can you….” The last word ‘move’ was stuck in his throat by a hand suddenly protruding from his waist.

Immediately afterward, Yan Yuqi only felt a whirlwind, and he and Lu Yuying switched positions.

Yan Yuqi opened his eyes wide and stared blankly at Lu Yuying, who was looking down at him.

Before he could clear his thoughts, an unusually handsome face suddenly enlarged in front of him. The next moment, the sound of rapid breathing hit his face, and there was a touch of warmth on his lips.

Yan Yuqi’s eyes widened in disbelief: ‘He was kissing me! Lao Tzu’s first kiss! ‘

‘Dammed, this guy looks like a puppy, but he’s a beast! “

Yan Yuqi wanted to reach out and push him away but found that because of Lu Yuying’s approach the guide element in his body became more and more out of control and the temperature of his body suddenly increased a lot.

Yan Yuqi’s hand landed so straight on Lu Yuying’s fierce mouth.

The warm touch on the hand is completely different from the cold touch on the ground in the imagination.

”Shit, this damn binding heat! “

Um~uh~” Yan Yuqi tried to keep his senses clear he concentrated all his strength on his hands and used them to beat Lu Yuying hard trying to awaken his senses.

However, Lu Yuzhen only responded to him with a random ~chaotic gnawing.

”Is this guy a dog? ”

While complaining in his heart, Lu Yuying’s blood-red eyes suddenly flashed across Yan Yuqi’s mind.

The next moment, the broken walls, countless sentries and guides died under the hands of the aliens, and the picture of the few who survived hugging and crying appeared in his mind.

This is the spiritual world of Lu Yuying.

The moment he realized this, Yan Yuqi stopped beating Lu Yuying.

As soon as he relaxed his mind a little, the reason that Yan Yuqi had been working hard to maintain collapsed in an instant. 

Again the strange feeling of the body prompted instinct to dominate the brain. In the end, Yan Yuqi turned against the guest, and the two fell into the primitive indescribable. 

The wrestling exercise~ was in motion…

One month later——


“Say what you just said again!” The Interstellar Sentinel went to one of the closed outpatient rooms in the infirmary of the 9th Bureau of the Administration. 

Yan Yuqi stared at the handsome man with gold-rimmed metal glasses and a bookish look who was sitting in the consultation chair and looking at the screen of Zhao with a serious face.

“You’re pregnant.” The gentle-looking man looked away from his intellectual head and then repeated what he just said with a serious frown at Yan Yuqi.

“Qi Peiyi, this is not a joke. Although we have a good relationship, you know what will happen to me!” Yan Yuqi glared at the gentle-looking handsome man and gritted his teeth.

Qi Peiyi was Yan Yuqi’s best friend and he was 3 years older than him. Because the two live close the two of them have known each other since childhood. Although they often bicker, they have always had a good relationship.

Moreover, although the two of them are of different ages, they have been to the same school since elementary school, and even when they graduated. They were also assigned to the Ninth Bureau of the Interstellar Sentinel.

However, unlike Yan Yuqi who is a guide, Qi Peiyi is an ordinary person.

“Do you think I’m someone who would joke around with this kind of thing?” Qi Peiyi shook his head and said helplessly to Yan Yuqi.

Yan Yuqi didn’t say anything, just stared at Qi Peiyi so quietly, but at this moment, the silence was better than the sound his eyes have already answered: He thinks he is this kind of person.

Qi Peiyi sighed helplessly when Yan Yuqi was looking at him like this. He turned his head and handed the paper document he had just printed out to him: “Look at it yourself.”

“What is this?” Yan Yuqi looked at it. Looking at the document in front of him, he didn’t help but reach out to take it.

“Your inspection report.” Qi Peiyi said he looked at Yan Yuqi, who knew the question.

Because he grew up with Yan Yuqi. He clearly understood that Yan Yuqi did not want to read this report.

Yan Yuqi has often naively believed that as long as he didn’t watch or think about it some things would not exist.

However, this matter is no trivial matter. In any case. He must know.

Yan Yuqi frowned when he heard the words. He took the inspection report extremely reluctantly, still plausible: “You give me this, I can’t understand it properly.”

However, that’s what Yan Yu said. He still lowered his head and scanned the inspection report.

The next moment, the two bright words ‘pregnancy’ fell into Yan Yuqi’s eyes, causing his heart to sink instantly. His brows furrowed even more.

“According to the blood test results, you are indeed 36 days pregnant.” Qi Peiyi explained while observing Yan Yuqi’s expression.


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