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ATSFGCTCOTSS Chapter 1 part 1

Bonding heat


Bonding Heat (part 1)

It was a late night in the city. Moonlight glows in the alley. Yan Yuxi was carrying the wine bottle with him. He was walking aimlessly.

Today was Saturday and it’s gonna be Sunday and it is a holiday. There was no need for him to work, So he drank till his heart was content.

Yan Yuqi lifted his head, raised the bottle he was carrying and poured all the remaining drops of wine into his mouth. After that, he stopped. He lowered his hand which was clutching the wine bottle tightly and looked around blankly.

“Trash can, trash can.” Yan Yuxi murmured to himself while searching for his target instinctively.

Unexpectedly something caught his eye in an unfamiliar alley.

A gust of cool wind blew up. Yan Yuqi’s mind became clearer. He opened his slightly drunk eyes and halted. He continued to the same spot while he stared straight ahead and frowned. “What is this?”

The hand which was carrying the wine bottle tapped on his head. Due to drunkenness, he was a bit dazed. He subconsciously raised his other hand to cover his mouth from yawning.

Yan Yuxi lowered his arm, his eyes swept a circle of the empty alley. The e murmured: “I’m so sleepy, let’s go home.”

While speaking, he walked straight towards the light coming from the end of the alley.

However, before he took a few more steps forward. A few drops of liquid dripped onto the ends of his hair from above.

“Is it raining?” Yan Yuxi thought, just as he was about to look up at the sky, he heard a sudden ‘boom’ sound, and a behemoth fell straight from the sky to the ground not too far from where he was standing.

He could smell the strong scent of blood in his nose which made Yan Yuxi frown. It was very uncomfortable.

Yan Yuxi has managed to open his drunk eyes. After a few tries, his eyes gradually focused. Yan Yuxi was able to see an unknown object lying in front of him.

The next moment an unimaginable thought came to his mind: “Alien?”

” Why are there aliens in the city?!”

Yan Yuxi cleared his mind, his eyes vigilantly staring at the alien who fell from above. A pool of blood started to form around its thing. There were two cuts on the waist area. His thoughts began to run fast.

Speaking of which, he seemed to have seen the news this morning that the interstellar people should not stay in sparsely populated places at night.

It seems that the news channel was aware that the city has not been peaceful recently. So they advise everyone to pay attention when traveling.

But, how did this alien species get into the city?

Judging from this creature’s energy fluctuations. It should be on S-level, But with S-level alone, it is questionable to escape the giant defense net above the city and come to the city.

Just as Yan Yuqi was thinking there was the strange sound of water flowing and the alien creature which was split in half began to slowly differentiate into a smaller alien creature with the same appearance as the split part of the upper body.

Seeing this, Yan Yuxi squinted his eyes: “This is… a rebirth!”

In the past two days, he has discovered from his colleagues that a recently appeared sentinel is no different from an ordinary sentinel in appearance and strength, but unexpectedly they can regenerate – because it is impossible to judge them by appearance and energy fluctuations alone. Is it possible for them to regenerate like this? So do Guides have to work twice as hard when dealing with them?

He heard that once this alien species with regeneration ability is separated from the body and regenerated. They must rely on the nourishment of a large amount of blood to restore its original state, otherwise, they will die due to insufficient blood soon.

He was the only one around right now, and once it regenerates, he will become its target.

“It’s so unlucky, if I had known that this would happen he would have not come out to drink today!” Yan Yuxi sighed helplessly in his heart.

Having said that, he didn’t even bother about his safety at all. Since this alien species was just cut down here by a sword. It means that the guide who was chasing it must be not far away.

Although he doesn’t know why he hasn’t appeared yet. He believes that at the precise moment, he will appear.

Since there is no danger to his life, he should wait and then leave.

After all, the road ahead is blocked and there is no road behind. If he wants to leave, he can only walk from the sentinel above, and walking from above means that he needs mental strength. Usually, he is tired enough from work, and he just rests. If he takes this path it means a waste of extra stamina.

Within the time, the alien species has completed two-thirds of its regeneration, but the guide who had hunted him never appeared.

Yan Yuxi: “…” Could it be that he miscalculated?

Yan Yuxi unwillingly scans the surroundings to detect any fluctuation. However, there are no other strong energy fluctuations in the surroundings except for the energy fluctuations of the sentinel.

The front road is completely blocked by the huge corpse of the alien species, the back part is dark, and it is impossible to see if there is anyone.

“Isn’t that hunting Guide a scumbag? Don’t they even know that this alien species can regenerate?” At the same time that Yan Yuxi complained in his heart, the alien species had successfully separated from the main body and completed the regeneration.

Yan Yuxi looked at the black one-eyed alien who was standing not far from him greedily staring at him drooling, and two black lines were drawn across his forehead.

“You go! Gross!”

Just as Yan Yuxi frowned and complained in his heart, the alien suddenly stretched out its arms spreading its fingers wide, and moved directly towards where Yan Yuxi was.

“This thing has the function of a rubber man.” While complaining in his heart, Yan Yuxi jumped up and avoided the alien’s attack.

Immediately afterward, the place where Yan Yuqi was just now was dusty, and the stone bricks were forcibly smashed into it.

Yan Yuxi glanced at the depression: ‘A newly regenerated split body has so much energy. ‘

It seems that it takes a little effort to eliminate it. Yan Yuxi narrowed his eyes and concluded in his heart.

Yan Yuxi dodged the alien’s attack, again and again, lifting his hand quickly and throwing the wine bottle in his hand at it, and then he used his strength. He lightly hit his right foot on the wall on the left side of the alley. His body flying in an upward direction he jumped towards the top of the high-rise building.

He was so casually today, that he didn’t bring a gun and it was very inconvenient to fight with his gun.

Furthermore, he was just an ordinary guide, and this kind of fighting is completely outside his scope of work.

If he made a move, he would be considered a substitute for grabbing the job of the guide.

It is not easy for everyone to find a sentinel therefore they must be considerate of each other and work harmoniously and choose to leave.

Yan Yuxi flew up by focusing on it. Seeing that he was about to reach the top of the floor, a figure flew up past him.

Yan Yuxi was shocked: “What a fast speed!”

Before Yan Yuxi retracted the exclamation in his heart, a white light suddenly lit up behind him.

The strong killing intent made Yan Yuxi look back vigilantly, only to see a giant white light curtain that looked like a white ze formed in mid-air and accurately fell on the alien who was stretching his arms and trying to attack him, engulfing it all.

After only hearing a few sharp sounds, the white light dissipated, and the alien species also disappeared, not even the ashes remained!

A look of surprise flashed across Yan Yuqi’s eyes, then he turned and immediately jumped back down the alley.

If it weren’t for the scent of blood remaining in the air and the visible depressions on the stone road, Yan Yuxi would probably think that everything that just happened was his hallucination.

After his feet touched the stone road in the alley. Yan Yuxi raised his eyes and looked at the figure standing not far in front of him.

Under the moonlight, the man with his back to him was tall and slender, with short silver hair that stood out in the night. He was dressed in a black aristocratic military uniform, with long black leather boots on his feet, and an extravagant silver pair hanging from his left waist. The white glove hands holding scabbard and the silver big sword which was unexpectedly spotless.

After examining the person in front of him carefully, these three words popped out of Yan Yuxi’s mind. Road the scorpion. 

(Ps-  don’t know what road over the scorpion implies. Maybe he is staying at ML is like a scorpion)


Ps- Changed the Yan Xuxi name to Yan Yuqi.

If you spot this name do not be confused.


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