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Chose the tutor

In the entertainment world, the most important factor that anyone considers after talent is beauty. And looking at the new Lin Yanran who was standing on the stage even those who don’t like him cannot stop their glaze. 

After briefly interacting with the trainees, Lin Yanran walked to the commentary area. Different people have different emotions. But that didn’t affect Lin Yanran at all.

When Tang Tang saw Lin Yanran coming, she immediately got up and waved to him, motioning him to go to her side. When Han Zhe, saw Lin Yanran, although there was no expression on his face, he nodded at him as a greeting.

Only Pei Luo, who was sitting in the middle, when he saw Lin Yanran approaching, deliberately buried his head down, pretending not to see him.

Lin Yanran resisted the urge to roll his eyes when he saw the pathetic cheap acting of the other. He walked past Pei Luo, without even glancing at him from the corner of his eye.

The seats of the instructors in the commentary were divided into two, and Lin Yanran’s position was next to Tang Tang. As soon as he sat down, Tang Tang turned her head to look at his face with a smile.

“Yanran, you look so handsome today!! Remember to take a photo with me after recording the show later! I’m going to post it for fans to see!” Tang Tang’s double ponytails shook as she spoke, with her slightly exaggerated tone. Portraying a person who is very playful and cute.

Lin Yanran smiled and nodded at the other party, “No problem.”

Tang Tang’s expression seemed a bit excessive, but Lin Yanran knew that she was saying this as a compliment. Because she is the only one who has added him on WeChat among all the tutors in the group, and since the first episode she had always treated the original owner equally.

After making an appointment for a group photo, Tang Tang said, “Let your team do this type of style more in the future. I bet with this new look fans will be flocking all over you!!!” One thing about Tang Tang which is also a good trait and a bad trait according to some is that she has a very straightforward personality and will say anything in front of anyone. But Lin Yanran couldn’t tell her that it would be very difficult to maintain such a high-level next time. After all, all the things he is wearing now were styled by Gu Siye’s team, not the makeup artist of the show group. His chain of thoughts was broken by when the host’s voice rang out in the audience.

“The instructors are already in place, all the trainees, how about you all?” The host walked to the edge of the stage and continued to ask, “Are you all ready?” The studio, which was still a bit chaotic, suddenly became quiet, and the trainees hurried and answered in unison: “Ready!!”

“Since everyone is ready, then let’s get the ball rolling, So for our next session…” The host raised his eyebrows slightly and deliberately took a pause. When the trainees under the stage saw that the host was doing it deliberately they began to complain.

“What? What? What are you going to do in the next session?”

“Will the next session be a battle royale…”

Everyone was obviously joking, but the host smiled and shook his head. His voice sounded again in the surrounding audio, but it was different from before, especially with dramatic music and sonorous effects.

“Then, in the next session, we request our super tutor to come on stage!!”

The trainees widened their eyes to have a better look at who was invited. But to their disappointment, no one was on the stage or at the entrance. The trainees were all stunned. They began to whisper among themselves.

“I just heard correctly. Right? Is there a special tutor invited?”

“I heard it too!”

“I always thought that the show team lied to us at the beginning, so there is a special tutor??”

“So who is the super special tutor? I’m looking forward to them! ”


The host once again purposely did not name the super special tutor name, and the trainees could only applaud hard while anxious looking around. But the more anxious the trainees are, the more the program team has to dawdle around.

When the trainees shouted “Super Tutor” in unison, the lights on the stage dimmed along with the sound of Kakaka. Then with a “snap” sound, a chasing light hit the center of the stage obliquely. The lift platform slowly rose, and a tall figure appeared in front of everyone. The trainees took a deep breath and stared at the stage without blinking trying to determine who was it. However, to their dismay the lighting arranged by the show team was extraordinarily tricky. It was done in such a way that only the long legs can be seen through. No one would be able to see who was it. So some people couldn’t help but start guessing based on the body shape.

“Is it Zhang Jiayi?”

“No, I think it’s Hui Chengxin?”

Several big idol names came in an orderly manner, and the host’s voice finally sounded again. This time, he raised his volume and his tone was incredibly sober -“Let us welcome the super tutor – Gu~Si~Ye!!!”

The moment the host read out Gu Siye’s name, all the lights focus on the figure. The man at the center of the stage is dazzling, making all the waiting just now worth it.

The studio was silent for a few seconds, and the trainees looked at the man with their mouths wide open, their eyes filled with disbelief. After being shocked to the point of being speechless for a moment, the trainees who had come to their senses with hindsight suddenly let out an astonishing scream. Surprised, happy, unbelievable, disregarding the image of a trainee. They all screamed and applauded, almost toppling the roof of the studio.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!”

“Gu Siye!! Ahhh, it’s Gu Siye!!!”

“My God, this is something that I can personally experience in my lifetime??”

“Gu Siye, my male god!!!!!”

“He has never participated in variety shows before, right? What kind of shit luck did I have to get a chance to see my male god!!!”

After slowly the initial excited cool down, the trainees who were still in a trance gave the show team a thumbs up. This wave of operations from the program team is amazing!! After three episodes were recorded, it was the first time. They have gotten such a big surprise.

The handsome Gu Siye on the stage raised the microphone and looked at all the trainees, “Hello everyone, I’m Gu Siye. Congratulations to all of you who passed the first three tests and successfully managed to enter the top 60”

The deep husky voice resounded in the whole stadium through the subwoofer. Just listening to it many felt they have become pregnant. Soon everyone quiets down. Everyone was just like the primary school students who have entered the school, sitting obediently in their seats, listening carefully to every word Gu Siye said.

“In the previous task, some of you achieved good results, and maybe some of you are still regretful because of your unsatisfactory performance.” Gu Siye’s eyes swept across the audience lightly, and he said again, “But, the past has become the past, bygones are bygones. please forget the pride and frustration of the past. From today onwards, you will start a new journey.”

Gu Siye’s tone was not as fierce as the previous host’s. Though the content of the speech was very ordinary yet for the trainees it was like an elixir. They looked at the confident and charismatic man on stage and felt encouraged. Everyone clapped and cheered vigorously as if they wanted to tell Gu Siye with the biggest applause that they understood.

After the applause, everyone quieted down again and continued to listen to Gu Siye’s speech. But at this moment, someone shouted.

“Man, you are so handsome!!!” The untimely voice sounded, and everyone in the recording studio could hear it clearly, and they all looked at each other. The atmosphere was inexplicably funny and awkward. The one who confessed was Wang Zhao, a trainee sitting in Zone C. He shouted with everyone when it was lively just now, but his voice was not particularly loud. But his luck seemed to be a little worse. When he shouted this sentence, everyone else just closed their mouths. So in the quiet studio, his voice was heard.

Gu Siye’s eyes followed the voice to the trainee. The person who had madly confessed before immediately became a coward when he saw Gu Siye looking at him. He quickly lowered his head in embarrassment.

Seeing this, Gu Siye smiled and responded with a relaxed tone. “Thank you.” One sentence of his quickly resolved the embarrassment.

The contestant who got the response breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, thanking the male god for helping him.

Gu Siye right after saying thank you immediately added another sentence -“But compared to Teacher Yanran, I am still a little worse.”


Lin Yanran was sitting on the tutor’s seat smiling and watching everything that happened on the stage was unknowingly pulled into the talk. He was a bit confused. Especially when he found out that the camera that was facing Gu Siye turned to him at this moment, it was even more unexpected to him. He and Gu Siye looked at each other. Seeing the other party smiling happily, he gently raised his lips and spread his hands toward the camera with an innocent look on his face.

Lin Yanran: This wave is none of my business!

When the people in the audience saw Lin Yanran’s expression, they felt he was funny and cute for some reason.

The trainees, who were trying to hold back because of Gu Siye’s half-truth joke, couldn’t help it now. They laughed and accepted the stalk that Gu Siye threw, and immediately shouted, “Hello, Mr. Yanran. Handsome!”


The atmosphere was lively again, due to the joke the scene has become much good as before.

Gu Siye was very good at controlling the stage. After this joke, he slowly restrained the smile on his face and looked at everyone with a serious look, and his tone was no longer as light as before. “From today, your voting channel will be officially opened, and the audience will vote for the C position in their minds based on your next performance. Therefore, the next assessment will be more rigorous and cruel.”

After Gu Siye finished reading these words, the trainees who were still laughing and having fun. Felt the harshness and seriousness of the next game.

Gu Siye: “Are you confident?”

 “Yes!!” this time the answer was even louder than ever.

Gu Siye nodded with satisfaction, “Very good. Next, I will announce the rules of a new round of competition. Starting from this movement, the competition will take in the form of a mentor battle. The mentors will be established together with the trainees. With a new team, the trainees will perform on stage in the future, and the instructor will also participate in the whole process.”

 After listening to the rules, the trainees on the stage were happier. They all looked at their favorite instructors, wishing they could follow their favorites immediately and start working with them. 

Gu Siye squinted his eyes, and after scanning the trainees’ reactions, the corners of his mouth curved.

Lin Yanran noticed the subtle change in Gu Siye’s expression and immediately understood that the competition system was not as simple as everyone imagined.

Sure enough, Gu Siye opened his mouth again, and deliberately asked the trainees, “It seems that everyone is looking forward to it.”

The trainees who were not aware of the danger immediately agreed, “Yes.”

Lin Yanran looked at the innocent naive trainee’s faces. He couldn’t help laughing. Gu Siye knew that there was a pit ahead, but he knowingly teased the trainees like this. Why does he feel like Gu Siye was more like a scheming old fox? However, when he was smiling happily, he felt sharp eyes on him. Following the instinct, he found that Gu Siye, who was interacting with the trainees, turned his eyes to look at him for some reason. There was a little smile in the peach blossom eyes.

For some reason, Lin Yanran felt that he could understand what the other party wanted to say through his eyes.

Gu Siye: Laughing?

Lin Yanran, who was caught, shrugged: No, I dare not.

The interaction between the two took less than two seconds in total, and almost nothing was seen by others. 



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