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The man was almost ten centimeters taller than Lin Yanran, he had a narrow waist and long legs. He was a perfect combination of handsome and tall. His features were prominent yet well-defined.

The peach blossom eyes under his eyebrows were smiling at Lin Yanran. The end of his eyes was turned up slightly with a hint of a smile, and the light-colored pupils immediately burst into a charming light.

The man in front of him was too handsome. This was the first thought that came to Lin Yanran’s mind when he saw the other party.


With the iconic peach blossom eyes, dozens of assistants and staff around. Who would go around with such a big parade, Lin Yanran immediately thought of a person in the original novel –

Gu Siye.

Movie emperor Gu Siye.

Just at the age of 20, he became top-notch with his debut.

Although people can win the best actor award with a good film. The key here was that Gu Siye has been in this industry for seven years, and his popularity was still unrivaled. Not only are there countless fans, but his status in the circle was still going very high and strong.


Everyone felt that Gu Siye came off as the beloved of the entertainment industry by essence, and his appearance was a popular fact.


With such a strong character, according to book logic, Gu Siye should have cultivated a romantic love with the protagonist.


However, for some unknown reason, in the original novel, Gu Siye became the only character who was not captured by the protagonist Shou Xuan Yihan.


Probably because he and Xuan Yihan are two opposite poles. Due to this reason, Lin Yanran innately has a good impression of the man who rejected Xuan Yihan.


Lin Yanran met those stunning eyes and smiled gratefully at Gu Siye. “Thank you, then I have to trouble the makeup teacher.” Lin Yanran’s attitude was modest, Neither he came off as humble or arrogant.


Gu Siye nodded slightly towards Lin Yanran, and seemed to accept his thanks, “Ok”


After a brief conversation, Gu Siye, who was surrounded by the staff, left.


After Gu Siye’s back completely disappeared, Yingying who was behind Lin Yanran finally couldn’t enable to cover her mouth and started screaming.


Seeing the little girl whose hands started to shake due to excitement, Lin Yanran quickly pulled Yingying into the lounge.


Fortunately, There was no one else here, Yingying finally let go of herself and jumped a few times quickly in place.


“Brother!! The one who just helped us was Gu, Gu!! Gu Gu Gu Gu!!!”


Of course, Lin Yanran knew what Yingying wanted to say, but he deliberately pretended not to understand, “Goo what? There are no pigeons.” 


The eager Yingying saw that Lin Yanran was laughing at her, and immediately she corrected her slip of the tongue, “It’s Gu Siye!” 


She couldn’t help but hold her face. She let out a sigh.  

“I didn’t expect that I would meet in my lifetime. The living Gu Siye!! And the distance was less than two meters!!!! He is really good and he was so willing to help us. Just like how  everyone said how good he was!”


Thinking of the situation just now, Yingying’s eyes gleamed with light.


“Ah, ah, his makeup artist will soon come to help you brother Yanran.” Yingying, who was incarnated as a fangirl model, said. 


She unexpectedly became a little unaware of her happiness. “Then  doesn’t putting makeup imply kissing him?”


Lin Yanran:???


How could putting on makeup mean kissing him??


Lin Yanran could not comprehend. He was too shocked about that.


Realizing that the words she said were in front of Lin Yanran.


Yingying quickly waved her hand awkwardly and started the method of changing the subject, “No, no, what I want to say is how Gu Siye was here?”


Lin Yanran unscrewed the thermos cup and took a sip of the soaked wolfberry water.


Then he reminded us of the crucial point to the other party, “The program team has said that they still have a renowned mentor who hasn’t officially been announced yet!!”


Yingying suddenly realized. “Super Idol” did announce such news before its broadcast. At that time, the program team used all kinds of excessive techniques to render this mysterious teacher.


Many people guessed that the person who can be honored by the program team so much can only be one person on the whole earth, and that would be Gu Siye.


As a result, who knows but from then to now, the show has been broadcast for three episodes, and the great mentor was still missing.


In addition, Gu Siye was abroad during this period, so audiences thought he had no intention of coming back for the show.


So this rumor anguished and everyone thought it was the show crew deliberately trying to make the wave.


But who knows, now Gu Siye was here. Such explosive news, you don’t have to think about it. When it would be announced that goes without saying it will directly go to the hot search.


Although Yingying, who knew in advance, wished she could share this incident with her little sisters who were chasing stars, her professional ethics made her hold back.


“If the mentor is him, wouldn’t it be possible to see him often in the future? Then, can I have the opportunity to ask for an autograph?” 


Yingying was expecting an answer when suddenly someone knocked on the door of Lin Yanran’s lounge.


“Hello, is this Mr. Yanran?” The visitor greeted Lin Yanran and then introduced himself gently, “I’m Mr. Gu’s makeup artist Ming, and I’m here to style you.”


After learning of the other party’s intention, Lin Yanran wanted to invite him in. But the other party declined.


“We need a lot of equipment, the time here is a little tight, and it would be more troublesome to move things around. If it’s convenient for you, Mr. Yanran, could you please come to our dressing room?”


Of course, Lin Yanran had no objection. He walked over with Yingying.


When he arrived at the dressing room cited by the other party, Lin Yanran realized that it was Gu Siye’s private lounge.


However, the other party was not there, and he was very helpful to leave the entire modeling team in the room to do styling for him.


Originally, Lin Yanran thought that Gu Siye would only send a makeup artist to help him with makeup, but he didn’t expect the other party to be so generous.


After all, looking at the position of the other party, there was no need to help him as down-and-out cannon fodder.


Lin Yanran silently accepted this in his heart, understanding that if there is a chance in the future, he must pay it back.


The Gu Siye’s makeup team was very professional, and there was no need to say they were pretty efficient both in terms of speed and technology.


 It didn’t take long for Lin Yanran to be ready.


Makeup artist Ming lightly fiddled with the hair strand on Lin Yanran’s forehead, and said happily, “It’s done~”


Yingying brought warm water for the makeup artists, “Senior has worked hard!”


Ming waved his hand while admiring Lin Yanran’s beautiful face in the mirror, he opened his mouth with pity, “Today was a bit sudden, so I wasn’t well prepared, and I didn’t find the right necklace. Otherwise, this look would have been more glamorous.”


At that time, his eyes couldn’t help but peek at the pure white neck. And the more he looked, the more regretful he felt.


However, as soon as Ming finished speaking, someone at the door broke his mind.


 “Isn’t that a pity?”


The man who pushed in the door spoke with dignity and grace.


Lin Yanran saw Gu Siye walking towards him through the half-length mirror. The other side whispered something to the assistant while walking, 


Gu Siye played with the necklace  in his hand, and then asked Ming slowly, “How about this one?”


Ming’s eyes began to light up after seeing the necklace in Gu Siye’s hand, “Of course, it is very suitable!”


After he finished speaking, he didn’t care much, he immediately grabbed the necklace from Gu Siye’s hand, and cheerfully he helped Lin Yanran put it on.


Before the necklace touched the skin between Lin Yanran’s neck, Gu Siye put his hand on the back of Lin Yanran’s chair, lowered his head, and said to him, “This necklace is brand new, I have never worn it before.”


Lin Yan Ran turned his face sideways, raised his head to meet the other party’s gaze, and immediately understood what he meant. He was clarifying to him that he (Gu Siye)  has not worn it before, so he doesn’t have to worry.


Gu Siye’s status was one of the best in the circle. No matter how big or small the other party was, he would try his best to help. 


All those who have contact with him treat him without exception. boast.


Lin Yanran looked at the necklace around his neck and at a glance, it was an expensive item. He was secretly surprised that the other party had lent him such a precious necklace.


But now that he has already worn it, it would seem a little too modest to say anything that was not needed. He felt a bit helpless.


So he quickly thanked Gu Siye, “Thank you, Brother Gu, I’ll return it to you after I am done with the show.”


“We are all colleagues, it doesn’t matter.”


Gentleman Gu Siye smiled, he raised his hand to look at the watch on his wrist and acted arbitrarily.




“The recording will start in ten minutes, so let’s go first?”


Being watched by those passionate and bright peach blossom eyes, Lin Yanran looked a little odd, so he nodded and agreed, “Okay.”


He got up and followed behind Gu Siye. They walked towards the recording hall.


Looking at the back of the stranger who was kind to him, Lin Yanran reached out and gently touched the necklace on his collarbone. It seems that the temperature of the opponent’s palm remains on it.


Bright, but makes people feel very comfortable.


However, Lin Yanran and Gu Siye didn’t travel very far together, because as soon as he entered the lobby after leaving the lounge, he saw a row of cameras and a crew of faculty.


Of course, Lin Yanran knew that these cameras were not for him, so after talking to Gu Siye, he left first.


As soon as Lin Yanran left, Gu Siye’s manager Zhong Xiao immediately flashed over to him and whispered in his ear.


“I heard that you lent all the styling team to Yanran just now?”


Gu Siye hummed in a calm tone and strode forward without raising his eyelids.


Zhong Xiao quickly followed him, and whispered again, “But Yan Ran’s reputation has not been very good recently.”


This time Gu Siye stopped. He raised his eyelids and glanced at Zhong Xiao, then chuckled lightly.


 “What’s the matter?” When Gu Siye spoke, a staff member came over and enthusiastically handed today’s procedure sheet to him.


Gu Siye took it, and while looking down, he said to Zhong Xiao, “It won’t be bad if you help.”


Zhong Xiao was speechless. Although he couldn’t help slandering Gu Siye in his heart. 


Others might have reservations. But he, Gu Siye, was different. His blood was not so thick, and he was not afraid at all.



Before the show started, the trainees took the lead in the studio. They took their seats in the ABCDF area in the order of their last rating.


Facing the camera again after a few days, the trainees were all excited and began to guess what new schedule the program team would arrange today.


As the field control countdown hit the board, all the lights in the hall dimmed, and then there was a chase light next to the stage.


The show host in a blue suit raised the microphone in his hand and looked at all the trainees with a smile.


“Hello, all trainees, welcome to our main stage again. The new phase will be a new journey, so before entering the theme assessment of this phase, I would like to invite our instructors to the stage with warm applause! 


Before he finished speaking, the trainees started to cheer in the demonstration hall.


“Wuhu~~ Han Zhe Han Zhe!!”


“Tang Tang my goddess!!!”


 “Pei Nuo I love you!!!”


In the warm screams of the trainees, the host read out the first Instructor’s name.


“First of all, let’s invite you, the ever-changing goddess Tang~~Tang!” 


The lights turned on again, and Tang Tang with cute double ponytails specially painted with idol makeup appeared in the center of the stage.


She waved to the trainees sweetly, showing a beautiful smile, “Long time no see~”


Tang Tang was a new generation singer who has exploded in popularity in recent years. Whether it was popularity or strength, she has left a lot of her peers behind. Don’t be misguided by her soft and cute appearance. She has a lot of explosive power hidden in her body, and her singing skills are very good.


After Tang Tang, the host introduced the next mentor, Han Zhe.


One of the most active rapper singers in China in recent years, famous for his spicy lyrics and tricky flow. 


Rapping was relatively niche music, so Han Zhe’s popular mentor group was not among the top. But he was super strong, and anyone who knows a little about rap will respect him very much.


Therefore the trainees were no exception, they naturally admired such a powerful rapper.


Han Zhe, who was dressed in casual denim and ripped pants, did not speak compared to Tang Tang. He made a cool salute gesture to the trainees under the stage, and the cheers of the trainees became extremely enthusiastic in an instant.


The third mentor to appear was Pei Luo, the TOP of the popular idol group senses who can sing and dance well, and was also one of the protagonists of the novel. 


Shou Xuan Yihan’s dog-licking storm, in the “Super Idol ” competition Xuan Yihan is escorted by him and finally sent back to debut as the lead.


Pei Luo was a super popular idol who was also a trainee, was normally the most envied and eager existence of every trainee who is competing for the debut position. 


Looking at the radiant senior brother on the stage, each of them gave their shouts and applause without hesitation.


However, the trainees didn’t know that Pei Luo, who claimed to be their senior brother, had only one person in his eyes from beginning to end.


Pei Luo glanced at the trainees, and after finding Xuan Yihan’s position, he kept his eyes fixed on Area B.


To Xuan Yihan’s gaze, when Pei Luo was doing his signature handsome gesture, he lightly rubbed his fingers over his lips and pretended to blow a kiss unintentionally, and then pointedly said, “Position is yours. Come on!”


When Pei Luo secretly poked Xuan Yihan’s love on the stage, Lin Yanran stood at the edge of the stage.


It should be his turn next.


The scenes where the previous mentors appeared were getting hotter one by one, especially when Pei Luo deliberately cued the position that all the trainees were most concerned about.


Just when all the trainees were most enthusiastic, the host’s voice sounded again.


“Next, let’s invite our last mentor-“




When the word “Yanran” came out of the host’s mouth, the cheers at the scene were much smaller compared to the lively scene where the trainees jumped up and waved when the instructor was coming out, but now when it was Yanran’s turn, everyone’s reaction was much colder.


The camera swept around the player area, and the trainees almost all chose to sit obediently at the moment. They clapped lightly with their heads sideways, and their faces had emotionless professional smiles.


Occasionally, everyone would send out interjections such as “wow” and “wow” to create an atmosphere for Lin Yanran, but they were all very intentional, and the words perfunctory were almost written on their faces.


People even if they were not from the entertainment industry could look with glace that this was all perfunctory. 



Most of the trainees on the scene have no hatred against Lin Yanran, but after everyone has seen the incident between him and Xuan Yihan in the first two episodes, many people were a little scared, worried that if they meet such a mentor, the next unlucky one would be them.  


Not to forget, Yanran’s status was not at the same level as it used to be, and even his singing and dancing were not on par with trainees present. So there were not many trainees that admire him. 


The curtain was drawn, and Lin Yanran had a panoramic view of the reactions from the audience.


He had expected this scene long ago, so he didn’t feel any surprise or discomfort.


After all, for him, the field can be cold, but the aura and dignity cannot be lost.


Lin Yanran curled the corners of his lips, his eyes slightly hooked, and after walking to the center of the stage, he smiled generously at the trainees at the camera, “Hello everyone, I’m Yanran.”


However, Lin Yanran’s brief words made the audience stunned, everyone eyes were attracted to him.


The black jeans showed the advantages of Lin Yanran’s long legs and the dark textured shirt that was also black. A complete set of black matching was full of mystery and high-end.


However, the most attention was not on his clothes, but on Lin Yanran’s necklace.


The long fringes adorning the back waist swayed with Lin Yanran’s movements, swiping from his slender waist to his slender ankles, it was sexy and sultry.


The dazzling silver-white necklace complimented his fair milk-like skin. Which embellished above the beautifully shaped collarbone, and a bit of unbridled fairy spirit in the mystery.


At this moment, the strong stage lighting hit Lin Yanran and coupled with his superior facial features, the atmosphere instantly filled up.


They all saw his fair and slender fingers gently stroke the black hair in front of his forehead, revealing the innocent and beautiful eyes under the long eyelashes.


The whole person seems noble and arrogant yet beautiful as if he was born to be the most eye-catching light on the stage.


The trainees on the stage were stunned after seeing Lin Yanran’s look today.


The previous makeup artist of the original owner was a relative of the agent Ding Weikang. She was not good at makeup skills and was reluctant to spend money and time on models like Yanran. 


The result was that after applying makeup to Yanran, she had reduced his true appearance, and he was not as good-looking as he was without makeup.


Therefore, although all the previous trainees had met Yanran several times and his appearance, he was ordinary and not stylish. Their opinion of him was only that he was highly a more handsome guy than normal people in the entertainment industry.


But there are too many handsome guys and beauties in the entertainment industry, and naturally, no one will think that Yanran’s image was high.


However, today his makeup has been improved, and his fashionable and foreign manner, bonded with his innate noble and confident temperament, suddenly came out with a feeling of surprise to others.


 “Why didn’t I notice that he was so good-looking before!”


 “He seems like a different person, both in shape and temperament.”


At first, it was a few whispers, and after that, they didn’t know who took the lead. “Wow,” With a sound, the exclamations of the trainees instantly came from the radio microphone.


“Mr. Yanran is too handsome for this!!!”


 “Ah!! Mom!!! My heart was hit!”


“My mom, my mom!!! Does such a type of beauty exist?”


“This is the legendary beauty critic??”


“Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!” One of the trainees stood up and excitedly said. “Teacher, are you looking for a dimensionality deduction attack on us today!!!”


The trainees immediately burst into laughter, and then echoed, “Protest, Mr. Yanran, you have put a lot of pressure on us.”


“Yes, yes, today is another day of inferiority because of appearance”


“Fortunately, today I have put on good makeup, otherwise the contrast would have been even more tragic.” 


The frigid scene when Lin Yanran appeared on the stage was real, but now the shock of the audience after being critically bombed by beauty was also real!


Many trainees were completely immersed in Lin Yanran’s beauty; they couldn’t chill out for a long time.


However, in the lively scene, there was only one unusually quiet place. Xuan Yihan, who was sitting in Area B, was silent, staring at the necklace on Lin Yanran’s neck.


Fang Su, who had been sitting beside him all the time, immediately noticed his abnormality. Seeing the camera swiping over, he immediately touched Xuan Yihan’s wrist lightly, “What’s wrong with Hanhan?”


Xuan Yihan deliberately showed a smile that he was okay. But the more he was forced to laugh like this, the more Fang Su felt that there was a problem, so he quickly asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you staring at him like that?” Fang Su was referring to Lin Yanran.


Xuan Yihan, who was constantly being questioned by his teammate, said euphemistically, “Do you think Teacher Yanran’s necklace looks familiar?”


After Xuan Yihan’s reminder, Fang Su looked out to see the necklace that Lin Yanran was wearing. 


“It’s a bit familiar…” After watching for a while, Fang Su looked at Xuan Yihan as if he had finally thought of something, “I remember you wore a similar pair before, and it looks quite similar to this one.”


Xuan Yihan nodded, but seemingly inadvertently corrected the other party: “It’s not very similar, it’s the same style. It was a birthday gift from my mother, a limited edition in the world…”


Fang Su was surprised. In his eyes, Xuan Yihan lowered his head and murmured again, his expression a little sad. “However, I accidentally lost it today, and I never found it.” His voice was quite low, but it could be completely understood by Fang Su next to him.


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