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Wolfberry in a thermos cup


The biological clock made Lin Yanran wake up on time at seven o’clock.


After freshening up, he boiled a glass of water for himself.


Habitually Lin Yanran tried to find wolfberry and a box of tea, but soon he realized that the original owner didn’t use these things.


It was impossible to change the habit that was formulated over the years. 


Since Lin Yanran woke up early he went to the supermarket downstairs and bought a thermos cup and wolfberry tea.


Lin Yanran, who had never been worried about money before, saw that WeChat only had 150 Yuan and for the first time felt the pain.


Looking at the current situation Lin Yanran could only cook porridge for himself.


At Eleven o’clock the shoot was to commence. 


At nine o’clock, Lin Yanran and Yingying hit the road.


The two took a taxi to go this time.


Sitting in the car, Yingying was worried, afraid that they would be laughed at when they took a taxi.


But along the way, Lin Yanran looked like he was used to it and didn’t show any discomfort at all, and Yingying didn’t care about it after some time.


“Brother Yan,  did the company turn around? Last night Ding Weikang disbanded your team overnight.”


As an assistant, Yingying naturally received the notice, but she did not choose to leave like the others.


Lin Yanran thanked Yingying for telling him the news and told her about the current situation.


 “I’m going to terminate the contract with the company, and I may file a lawsuit soon.”


Although Yingying knew something happened with the company and brother Yan However when he said it directly, Yingying was still surprised.


“Then have you found your next home?”


“Not yet.” Lin Yanran shrugged, 


“One step ahead.”


After speaking, he looked at the little girl who was willing to accompany him when he was hit low.


He said seriously. “Yingying, you I should know more about my situation. Maybe one day I won’t be able to pay you a salary.”


Yingying thought that Lin Yanran was trying to persuade her to leave.


She quickly shook her head, “It’s okay, Brother Yan, no. It doesn’t matter if you are unable to pay my salary.”


This sentence was not just words, but it came truly from his heart.


She recalled that when she first entered the company, she didn’t understand anything, and she accidentally broke one of Ding Weikang’s things. 


Ding Weikang made a mess out of it and he humiliated her and scolded her till she cried in front of everyone on the team.


Not only did he threaten to fire her, but also made her have to pay 100,000 yuan.


 At that time, she was desperate and collapsed in the crowd and was almost forced to commit suicide by jumping off the building.


 When she was about to take this step.


It was Yanran who handed her a tissue and helped her settle the matter.


Thinking of the rare scene, the corners of Yingying’s eyes couldn’t help but get a little wet.


She looked at Lin Yanran gratefully, her eyes full of determination.


 “Brother Yanran, you were the only one who helped me at that time. Now that you are in trouble, how can I do such an ungrateful thing.”


Lin Yanran didn’t know the whole truth. 


But it was not hard to guess from her few words that the original owner must have used kindness to help the girl in front of her.


He just smiled and rubbed Yingying’s head.


 “Just kidding, we will get through this time. Even if it’s to pay your salary, I will make good money.”


Yingying nodded, for some unknown reason, she felt brother Yan was very confident, it would be just a matter of time before he would become famous. 


The recording location was in the suburbs and it was a bit far away from the hospital. 


The driver in the front row was quite familiar with Lin Yanran.


He soon started chatting with Lin Yanran.


When they were about to reach their destination, the driver asked them.


 “Where are you going? I have taken many trips in the past two days. 


There were a lot of little girls going in the middle of the night, but there were several people too.”


Lin Yanran asked the driver curiously.


 “Are they? Maybe they were audiences?” 


The driver denied, “No, they can’t get in. They said they were rushing to take some exclusive first-hand pictures.”


Lin Yanran did not mix with fans and nor did he ever chase stars before. 


So he doesn’t understand.


Seeing Lin Yanran’s puzzled expression, Yingying explained to him in a low voice.


“The first three episodes were closed-recorded programs by the program team, and no outsiders were allowed to enter. 


But from this episode, audience votes are required, and the program team permits each episode to have spectators.


The girls mentioned probably came to take pictures of mentors and start commuting to work and share them with fans.” 


The driver saw Yingying’s professionalism and said, “That’s right, I heard that they can become stars after some completion.”


After speaking, the driver glanced at Lin Yanran in the rearview mirror.


“But I think you are quite handsome, young man. You look much better than those stars. And if you stop there, those little girls will take some pictures for yours.”


Lin Yanran smiled, “I don’t think there are any of these little girls who want to see me. ” 


A few minutes later, Lin Yanran arrived at the gate of Dachang smoothly.


Through the taxi window, he saw the girls the driver had mentioned before.


They surrounded the players’ passage, almost all were carrying cameras.


Lin Yanran scanned the QR code. After paying the fare, he got out of the taxi. 


Looking at the numbers on his phone, he felt heartache again.


If he took a taxi back and forth like this every day, the balance on his bank card would probably be wiped out in less than a month. 



Lin Yanran was busy thinking so, when someone in the crowd shouted, “Is that Yanran? How did you get here by taxi? 


After speaking, everyone’s eyes turned to Lin Yanran.


So the fans, group  sisters, and photo shooters of the 60 trainees at the scene saw a guy who just got out of the taxi, holding his hand in his hand. 


Lin Yanran, who was still holding a thermos cup, immediately heard various voices in the crowd.


” He wiped out…”


“Doesn’t he have a nanny car? “


 “Taking a taxi to work?? “


 Lin Yanran heard a lot of whispers that he fell out with the company, or believes that the company doesn’t care about him.


“Did the company ditch him and even lose the car?” 


This is too bad, right? “


After being shocked, the quick-responding sister took a picture of Lin Yanran and the taxi.


Some people beside her looked at pictures, and couldn’t help advising.


 “Take this picture.” The picture was not good…”


The other party did not pay any attention to them and proceeded to take pictures in her way.


Seeing that the girls were all looking at him and taking pictures of him.


Lin Yanran smiled and raised his hand to greet everyone.


“Good morning everyone, are you waiting for the trainees to come? Do you want me to shoot?”


Sisters from each group:???


Lu Yanran, did he take the wrong medicine???


However, instead of slamming the smiling face, when they saw how nice he was.


Especially when they saw how Lu Yanran took the initiative to say hello to them, his attitude was quite kind. 


The somewhat lively group  sister responded politely with a smile. “Mr. Yanran.” 


When the group  sister spoke, her eyes swept to Lin Yanran’s thermal mug. 


It had ink paintings and landscape paintings on it.


So she asked, “Mr. Yanran, shouldn’t this be a thermal mug?” 


With a word from the group ‘s sister, she successfully attracted the attention of others to Lin Yanran’s thermal insulation cup. 


Lin Yanran nodded and raised the cup in his hand, “Yeah, there was a wolfberry in it.” The


group  sisters couldn’t help laughing after hearing this.


Lin Yanran also laughed, “Goji berries are healthy.”


 None of the fans who came today were Lin Yanran’s fans, of course, he knew. 


After saying a few words to everyone out of politeness, he waved to everyone.

“I’ll go first.” 


After saying that, he turned around and said to the girls.


 “It’s windy here. The temperature will cool down later, so remember to add some layers of clothes.” 


The group  sisters heard the 

words and froze in place again.


Suddenly being cared for by someone who doesn’t like him very much, how can this feeling be so wonderful?


Everyone watched Lin Yanran leave, and suddenly someone in the crowd shouted at Yanran’s back.


“Big star, why did you take a taxi today? Where’s your luxury car? Is the taxi worthy of your high status?”


The one who spoke was the group  lady from Xuan Yihan’s house.


Every word was a mockery to Lin Yanran.


Except for extreme black fans, most of the star-chasing girls were quite gentle and kind.


Seeing that Xuan Yihan’s family group  sister was so excessive, many people frowned and looked at each other with accusing eyes.


However, the other party didn’t feel that there was any problem, instead, there was a smug smile on his face.


 The group  sisters who were suddenly disgusted looked at Lin Yanran who was deliberately humiliated and sweated silently in their hearts.


After all, a star, being ridiculed face-to-face, would not be able to hold back.


But they were proven wrong. 


Lin Yanran not only did not get angry after hearing this but also smiled relaxedly.


“Isn’t it normal for workers to take taxis to work?” 


Just with an understated joke, the humiliation was resolved.


The other group  sisters couldn’t help laughing after hearing this.


Yes, who was not a worker these days? 


Who hasn’t taken a cab to work?


The only people present who had a deep hatred for Lin Yanran were the Xuan Yihan family.


And the rest of the people only had a superficial understanding of it.


Now after this short contact, they all feel that Yanran was pretty nice, he was completely different from the rumors.


These little episodes that just happened were naturally spread by various group  sisters through various channels.         


In Xuan Yihan’s super words, the information spread was like this –         


Someone just fell out with the company yesterday, and today he can only take a taxi to work.     


 [Can’t afford a nanny car? 


When the stars were so poor]         


[Suddenly thinking of being so sour before being poor, shouldn’t he be jealous of our young master Xuan Yihan?]         


[We are the rich and noble flowers in the world, and sour chickens cannot be compared with each other]         


Xuan Yihan’s fans all in private call him a young master, a flower of wealth in the world~         


Although he thinks that he deliberately conceals his identity in the show and is extremely low-key.


 Xuan Yihan has long been exposed to fans. 


Either occasionally or inadvertently, with at least six to seven-digit earrings, Necklaces and bracelets.         


So it was natural if the stars were rich, and fans rose to the sky.       


Fans of the rich young master naturally looked down on Lin Yanran who took a taxi to work and made fun of his shabby demeanor.         


In other places, when everyone mentions his style of painting, it was,        


 [He doesn’t have any makeup on, was this a plain face? So handsome! 】         【


What was that in his hand? Was it a thermos cup? ? 】       


 【Help, he was only 22 years old, right? How can he carry a thermos cup with him like my grandfather? Haha]        


 [Is this brother going to join the comedian route recently?]


After Lin Yanran arrived in the program group, he was approached by the director group for a private conversation.


The director spoke earnestly and secretly. He revealed last night’s decision to Lin Yanran, meaning to let him prepare himself first.


Lin Yanran was a smart person, so he naturally heard the director’s implication.


“Thank you, director, for giving me one more chance. I will not have this kind of accident in this episode.”


Seeing that, Lin Yanran admitted his mistake in such a good manner and assured himself.


The director didn’t say anything more.


He patted Lin Yanran on the shoulder and comforted him. 


“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Next week will be more difficult, so you should prepare well.”


Lin Yanran nodded and talked with the director about the program crew. 


After that, he turned to the topic he wanted to say.


 “Director, can I be reimbursed for the taxi fare I use to go to work?”


He had asked before that the transportation expense would be borne by the program team and it had to be reported.


However, the director, who was taken aback by this question, did not respond for a while.


He didn’t know what he was saying until he saw Lin Yanran opening up the electronic page on his mobile phone.


“It’s alright…that…just talk to the finance.”


He had been in the entertainment industry for so long, and Lin Yanran was the first star who came to report the fare.


As a person who was about to run out of food.


 Lin Yanran didn’t care so much. 


Seeing that a big problem at present was solved, Lin Yanran breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile.


“Well, I’ll send the electronic mail to the finance department later.” 


The director looked at Lin Yanran and couldn’t hold back, after all, so he ended up asking him a question.


“Are you short of money recently?”


Lin Yanran nodded calmly.


 “Well, I’m going to file a lawsuit with the company to terminate the contract.”


After chatting with the director, Lin Yanran found that the staff was busy.


Sixty trainees have come to the dressing room and started to put on makeup.


When Yingying saw Lin Yanran come out, she ran over and cried.


“Brother, we didn’t bring the styling team here. They have asked you to paint with the trainees, but the makeup artists said they were too busy.” 


The original owner’s previous makeup was done by his team.


However, he broke up with the company last night, and the show team didn’t arrange a makeup artist for him in advance.


So now he can only squeeze in with the trainees.


Yingying was not in charge of this before.


There are a large number of trainees, and it takes a lot of time for everyone to do styling. 


Today, makeup artists have a lot of appointments. 


She went to inquire. 


Most of the makeup artists were either reluctant or told to wait until the end.


Seeing that Yingying was in a hurry, Lin Yanran comforted her softly.


“Don’t worry, we’ll think of other ways, or I will do my makeup after some time, they’re busy too.”


“But the time was almost up, and it would be too late for them to do makeup.”


As soon as Yingying finished speaking, a low and pleasant male voice sounded behind Lin Yanran –


“My makeup artist was free, if you don’t mind, he can help you to apply makeup.”


Lin Yanran heard the words When he turned around.


The first thing he saw was a pair of dark and deep eyes.




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