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Give me more time

Lin Yanran was on the hot search and was being abhorred by everyone.

He posted a Weibo, who was in a whirlwind situation and still has time to post was very shocking to everyone.

The self-deprecating emoji that was posted now has already surpassed a thousand comments.

Since his debut, Yan Ran has been troubled by negative comments and news almost all the time.

When he was popular some black fans condemned and criticized him.

Later when his popularity declined and there was no activity for a few years.

People thought he did not have any capability left and only a few fans remained.

After this Weibo was posted, the comments of a few fans defending him were naturally overwhelmed by the wave of netizens.

And those uninvited black fans of ten years have rudely scolded Yanran’s ancestors in different ways dozens of times.

【Prepare for a dark road to the end? ]

[Less grandstanding, get out now]

[Now that you know you are not worthy of. Get out of the entertainment circle quickly]

[Your face is comparable to grabage]

[This is too much!!! I want to vomit]

[The popularity of this kind of back entire should be kicked out]

[After all, Once garbage was and will be always garbage.]

[He has no skin, no face, and no self-esteem]

The more black fans scold, the greater the heat was and the more people watched the entertainment.

The Internet was enormous and not everyone in the entertainment industry understands right and wrong.

As a result, a small number of netizens who were attracted by the hot search to watch the entertainment going on have different views on this Weibo.

[This emoji is so cute, hahahaha]

[Jiu Min, why do you think Yanran is cute]

[Is Yan Ran playing tricks on himself? Hahahaha this brother is quite interesting]

[This Yanran’s psychological endurance is really strong. wow!! if I was scolded so hard I would have uninstalled Weibo]

[Sisters, don’t you all think he is cute, but why do I feel that he is kind? The black fans asked him to get out of the entertainment circle, then when he posted a black picture of getting out of the entertainment circle at your request. They are upset. I do not understand who was scared of who]

[So what are these black fans pissed off for? It doesn’t make any sense! ]

Yingying, who was following Lin Yanran’s Weibo post didn’t dare to read the comments.

“Brother, if you post one more post on Weibo they would berate you even more than now…”

Of course, Lin Yanran knew that.

However, the original owner did not explain it clearly in the program. And he had already missed the best opportunity to defend himself.

Now if he talks about or tries to explain why he did it. No one would believe it.

Everyone would only think that he was making up things.

After closing the computer, Lin Yanran gently rubbed his knuckles and smiled at Yingying.

“It’s alright keep following the public opinion and let them lend a place where they can vent their word.”

Yingying looked at Lin Yanran with a question mark on her face.

Originally, she was worried that the other party would lock himself up just like before and would bottle up things even if he has suffered from such large-scale online violence.

yet looking at his current response, it seems that he doesn’t care much about how everybody was scolding him.

After thinking about it, Yingying suddenly realized that Brother Yanran’s mentality this time was much better than she imagined.

“When will I be discharged from the hospital?”

Lin Yanran’s voice brought Yingying out of her thoughts.

“The doctor who had checked your injured last time has said that you would need to have re-examined and if your reports are normal you would be discharged around 4 pm”

Lin Yanran’s eyes fell on his supposed feet. “Injury on the foot?”

Yingying nodded, thinking that Lin Yanran was busy and forgot to remind him.

“Yes. Didn’t you say that you would be working as a mentor on the show and you were afraid to drag other students because of your lack of skills in dancing?

During the practicing basic moves, you have injured your foot.”

“But you should be feeling fine now, right? It’s been a long time since then.”

Lin Yanran nodded and tried to move his right foot and found no pain in moving this foot.

After determining that there was nothing serious, he reopened the contract Ding Weikang threw to him.

Before, he was only able to scan the contract roughly.

He didn’t know exactly how the contract between the original owner and the company was signed.

But after listening to Ding Weikang repeatedly threatening him with the contract.

Lin Yanran thought about it and understood that the contract was very unequal.

Although he was mentally prepared yet when he started to read every word on the contract carefully.

He completely understood what an uneven contract the original owner had signed with the company.

The company has written a bunch of bad conditions to the original owner even if they can’t be completed they don’t need to take any responsibility.

The contract clearly states that the original owner must give the company not only 80% of all income to the company but also the cost of all activities must be borne by the original owner.

The company shall deduct all the expenses paid in advance every year.

The strangest thing was that the original owner’s notice needs to be reviewed by the company.

If he receives any notice without the company’s permission. He was entitled to pay the company 50 million yuan.

In addition, during the validity period of the contract, if the original owner wants to terminate the contract in advance, even if it was one day in advance, he would have to compensate for the sky-high liquidated damages of 50 million yuan.

The regulations of this contract are so overbearing that they will almost suck blood and skin the original owner.

Lin Yanran finally understood why Ding Weikang was able to threaten him so fearlessly.

These three rules alone made him superior.

He couldn’t afford to pay and he couldn’t break the contract.

Lin Yanran looked at the validity period of the contract. It was fifteen years in total, and there was still nearly a year before the termination.

Anyone who reads the contract carefully would know how miserable it was. One thing he does not know is how the original owner still agreed to sign such a contract at that time.

This contract must be resolved. and Lin Yanran was more than enough for this.

After all, professional things must be dealt with in professional ways.

Particularly now, when he was independent within the entire company.

He has no advantage in power or financial resources.

Therefore, if he wants to terminate the contract and win the battle steadily, he must find a lawyer with strong business ability to settle it in one go.

So Lin Yanran immediately began to look for lawyers who are currently fighting such contract lawsuits.

After watching for a while, he already had several suitable candidates in his mind.

As we all know, such a famous lawyer was inexpensive.

Lin Yanran thought that the description of the original owner in the original book used the word “poor” many times.

He had a bad feeling in his heart and immediately went to inquire about the remaining property of the original owner.

After carefully adding the balance of the other party’s bank card, Alipay and WeChat over and over again, Lin Yanran felt sadness in his heart.

The total disposable cash of the original owner was less than 10,000 yuan.

This was not a bit different.

Lin Yanran silently turned off all the apps.

Rather than hiring a lawyer to file a lawsuit, he now seems to need to think more urgently about how to make some money first.

Lin Yanran sighed helplessly, and still, he couldn’t figure it out in his heart.

No matter how unequal the split between the original owner and the company was, he has been in the entertainment industry for five or six years.

There should have been some savings.

He frowned and turned his attention over the bank records.

Transfer records implied that the original owner had transferred 5 million a week ago.

And after the transfer, the original owner sent a text message to an unfamiliar number – all the money you have used to raise me in the past has been returned to you.

The original owner was kicked out by the wealthy adoptive parents.

Lin Yanran’s beautiful eyebrows twisted even tighter.

Yingying’s voice sounded outside the door. She knocked on the door and came to the hospital bed with the doctor.

Lin Yanran put away the phone and cooperated with the doctor to check.

In the end, the doctor told him that there was no problem with the injury on his foot.

He only needed to pay attention to recuperation, and then he took a taxi home.

He did not have a pleasant conversation with Ding Weikang in the afternoon.

After the other party left, he took away the nanny’s car and the equipment provided by other companies.

Not to forget it happened to be the evening rush hour and there was a traffic jam on the road.

It took nearly an hour for Lin Yanran to return to the original owner’s home.

The small house of about 90 square meters was empty.

Except for the slightly valuable professional equipment in the music room, the rest of the rooms were simply furnished and it can be seen that the monetary conditions of the owner were not very good.

After Lin Yanran sent Yingying away, she immediately went to the refrigerator to prepare for cooking.

He hasn’t eaten much since he woke up, and now it was almost eight o’clock in the evening, and his stomach was rumbling with hunger.

Lin Yanran turned over the refrigerator, and after scavenging all the ingredients that could be used in it, he reluctantly made a simple dinner for himself.

After eating, Lin Yanran went to take a shower, and when he came out, he saw a few more messages on his phone.

When he opened it, he saw that Yingying had sent him a WeChat message, reminding him that there would be a recording of “Super Idol” tomorrow morning.
After replying to Yingying, Lin Chuxia discovered that Ding Weikang had also called him while he was cooking.

Later, seeing that no one answered, he sent him more than ten messages, coercing and enticing him to go to the Pearl Hotel to make an appointment.

Lin Yanran pretended not to see it.

After lying on the bed and scrolling his phone for a while, he lie on the quilt and went to sleep.

At midnight, in the conference room of the “Super Idol” program group.

Several key members of the director’s teams were having a meeting.

“Boss, this is today’s feedback from the customer service side, the audience was complaining about Yanran, and the comments and private messages on the official WeChat side are also scolding.”

“The show is on the hot search today. Although it’s relatively negative, the popularity has been fueled by Yanran. Today, the click-through rate of the website has increased by 70%, and the effect was very good.”

The person sneered, ” do not be greedy. don’t you want any word-of-mouth benefits?

And the next issue will be the official announcement instructor. With his traffic, I’m afraid no one would watch our show?”

“Black and red are also red, don’t look at the audience’s scolding now, believe it or not, it would be much better than the next issue. Everyone was on time, and they want to see how Yanran targets Xuan Yihan.”

The team responsible for viewing said.

One wanted to kick Yanran away, and the other wanted to keep Yanran, because they had different perspectives on the issue and disagreements, so it was quite noisy.

Listening to the opinions of the people under him was divided into two factions, the chief director sitting in the middle, frowned but he didn’t say any word.

He glanced at the two messages that the top management had just sent him, and felt even more difficult.

So he opened his mouth and threw the question to two of his men.

“There was a high-level executive over at EC who just asked someone to come over and say hello and he asked him to replace Yanran.”

The first person in charge nodded happily when he saw that Yanran was to be replaced,

“That’s very good, just let him go the way of the way. And we would pay to compensate him”

The director ignored him and continued, “Someone from the Xuan Group also greeted the leader, and they were also very dissatisfied with Yanran ‘s behavior.”

Zhao Yao has deliberately concealed his identity as a wealthy young master.

However his parents had already come to the show team to check, so the relationship between Xuan Yihan and the Xuan family was not very secret.

Still, not all the players are aware of this.

Originally, the director team thought that the Xuan couple just wanted them to take more care of Xuan Yihan.

but they didn’t expect them to be so protective of their shortcomings, and now they have stretched out their hands so long to remove the obstacle named Yanran for their son.

After listening to the director, the person in charge of maintaining Yanran before sighed helplessly,

“There are so many people who Yanran has offended.”

The other guy laughed, “That’s amazing, just let Yanran go, Everything would be settled, the audience would be happy, and the EC and Xuan would also be delighted.”

Director shook his head, “If only it was this simple then I wouldn’t have to worry about it.”

After he finished speaking, he pointed to thin hair guy, “But Yan Ran was appointed by the father of the gold master.”

As soon as the director’s words came out, the two responsible persons were speechless for a while.

“Golden Master’s father?”

“Boss, you mean Lin…?”

The director nodded, “Yes.”

Seeing the director’s increasingly bald head, they finally understood why the director was so worried.

Neither of them can afford to be offended.

Especially on the investor’s side, if they change the mentors who are named by them, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face of Dad?

“It’s no wonder that Director Song, you had to invite Yanran it is just like you were hit by the evil. I finally understand now.”

“But since Yanran has the Lin family as his backing, why is there no one who helped him to remove him from the hot search today?” The

the director shook his head

“The Lin family is not his backer, he just had shit luck at the time, and it has nothing to do with the Lin family.”

The director wanted to elaborate more but he felt that it was a waste of time and said

“This matter was a bit complicated to talk about, and it would take a while to explain. I can’t explain it to you guys, but now you guys just think about how we can deal with this?”

Several people looked at each other, and the meeting room was extremely silent.

It took a long time for someone to propose something.

“Then why don’t we just do this?

Anyway, a new episode is going to be recorded tomorrow. For the time being, we let Yanran stay for another episode to see his next performance.

Although he doesn’t have a backing and he was ordered by Lin at the beginning.

Director, you should contact the person in charge of Lin’s side to find out.

If he doesn’t want to protect him at all and if not we could remove him, wouldn’t it be easy?”

The director listened to the person in charge’s suggestion and thought it was okay to delay first so he agreed.

“Then let’s do this first.”


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