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#Yanran get out of the entertainment circle#



But the protagonist is the protagonist after all. 

If it was a normal scenario he bet that some audiences would have not bought it. 

But this guy jumped out in time to help the protagonist to show an inspirational drama of hard work and of never giving up. 

Which was something audiences love to watch in talent shows.

As soon as the emotional card was played. In the atmosphere of sympathy and inspiration, which was made in work with  Xuan Yihan favors.

At this moment, the original owner did not pity Xuan Yihan.

Instead, it seemed that he was so indifferent as if he was deliberately making things difficult for him.

Seeing that the original owner was scolded for this incident, Lin Yanran felt that he was wrong.

Because he did not explain the reason for his score at that time and nor did he point out the imperfection of Xuan Yihan.

If he had done this, His actions would not have been wrong. 

let alone be scolded like this.

After having a rough understanding of this wave of grievances, Lin Yanran raised his eyes and found that an uninvited guest suddenly come into the ward.

The visitor looked terrible. As soon as he made Yingying leave, he stood beside the hospital bed with a cold face and looked at Lin Yanran with contempt.

 “Yanran, did you do what I told you to do in the morning?”

The tone of the person who came was not polite at all.

According to the original owner’s memory, Lin Yanran recognized the man in front of him.

Ding Weikang, the agent of the original owner.

Lin Yanran didn’t know what the agent and the original owner talked about, so he put down the cup slowly, found the recording function of the phone, and pressed the record button lightly.

If he doesn’t speak, the other party will tell the matter himself.

Sure enough, Ding Weikang thought that Lin Yanran deliberately ignored himself by playing with his mobile phone.

 “Can’t you hear me? Do you want to get out of “Super Idol” consciously?” 


After that, he wanted to grab  Lin Yanran’s cell phone. 


But Lin Yanran quickly put the phone beside the bed, raised his head to meet Ding Weikang’s gaze, and stared at him coldly.


After Ding Weikang met this line of sight, his footsteps stagnated, and even his movements stopped.


For some reason, he felt a slight tingling in his back at this moment.


Ding Weikang looked at Lin Yanran in disbelief. 


The face and the eyes of the person in front of him were still the same.


However, the look in his eyes was unfamiliar and sharp, and an aura that was not allowed to be approached was born invisibly.


Ding Weikang stared at Lin Yanran, feeling that the other person seemed to have changed all of the sudden.


Ding Weikang, who was used to being bullied and not afraid of being too harsh, had never seen Yan Ran look so strong, so he took back his hand that was hanging in the air.


Seeing that the other party was a lot more scared, Lin Yanran said lightly.


“What if I don’t quit?”


Seeing that Yanran ignored his words again, Ding Weikang threw a stack of open contracts onto his lap, “Then Just wait for the company to sue you for breach of contract.”


He continued to threaten him, “You received the notice without the company’s consent. Did you forget the cause when you signed the contract with the company?”


Lin Yanran didn’t know what the agreement was, but he didn’t show it.


He lowered his eyes and slowly picked up the contract.


Then he saw that it was written on the page that if he received the notice without the permission of the company, he would compensate the company for liquidated damages of 50 million yuan.


This was simply robbing people.


Ding Weikang saw that Lin Yanran’s eyes fell on the amount of 50 million, and he felt that he could handle him again.


 So he returned to his previous arrogant and aggressive appearance and began to get to the point.


“Of course, it’s not imperative to retire. You have participated in so many sessions, and not to forget the company has treated you well.”


After that, he glanced at Yan Ran, and saw that the other party has not moved, he pointed out his intention directly.


 “Last night, you ran off of Mr. Li’s bed and kicked others. Mr. Li was angry, so he went to the company’s top management today.” 


The implication was that the other party was not happy because of the unspoken rules. 


He would not be on any show.


Lin Yanran naturally understood what the other party meant, and also understood why the original owner had low blood sugar without rest.


Although Ding Weikang didn’t say it explicitly, one can guess that they deceived the original owner yesterday.


Lin Yanran raised his eyebrows, “You mean, he wants to block me?”


Ding Weikang was noncommittal and sneered.


Lin Yanran looked at Ding Weikang, and waited until he had had enough to break the truth, “If he wants to block me, why are you making a special trip now?”


Lin Yanran’s words were so direct. Which made Ding Weikang unable to laugh.


He carefully looked at the person in front of him in disbelief, wondering how the other person’s mind suddenly became so bright.


This person was so stupid before when he lied to him for a random reason and said that there are producers who appreciate his music. 


He had no doubts about going to have a meal with him. 


He went obediently. How was he able to think so deeply today?


Is it true that the unspoken thing last night stimulated him so much that he became extra sharp?


Ding Weikang glanced at Lin Yanran and said sarcastically, “It seems that you are not hopelessly stupid.”


Lin Yanran sneered, “Your mind is turning fast, yet you do all kinds of pimping things.”


 Lin Yanran’s family conditions were good as a young master from a wealthy family, although his character was optimistic, he was also straightforward.


In his opinion, even if the original protagonist’s position in the novel was a vicious supporting role, anyone who wants unspoken rules against him is rubbish.


And the pimped accomplice in front of him is just as disgusting.

So his attitude is naturally rude.


Pimping was such a shameful thing.


Ding Weikang mocked Lin Yanran. He sternly scolded Lin Yanran “What pimping? You are a company’s money loser, apart from this face, what other advantages do you have? 

Mr. Li sees you as a blessing, and I don’t even think whether you deserve it or not.”


Lin Yanran, who was belittled by the exasperated Ding Weikang, had no expression on his face. He only bent his mouth and smiled lightly, “Really.”


Seeing Lin Yanran so calm, Ding Weikang was even angrier.


However, when he was about to continue swearing he suddenly woke up.


Because he realized that today’s Yan Ran was exceptionally abnormal.


In the past, he was always taciturn no matter what he was suffering from he would not say anything.


It’s been like this since he participated in the show. 


In the beginning, his popularity plummeted due to some accidents and he was scolded by the whole Internet. 


Even at that time, He didn’t even explain it and he was scolded to death.


Later, the company forced him not to take the college entrance examination for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and he was scolded by netizens for this even at that period he did not clarify.


In the end, even if the company squeezed all his commercial value and exhausted his popularity, and stopped giving him an album he would endure it silently.


As if living in was by enduring all. 


But, Today he was like a different person. 


He thought about yesterday’s incident when he dared to kick Mr. Li to escape Ding Weikang suddenly had a bad premonition.


Could it be that Yan Ran doesn’t want to live?


Ding Weikang’s mind immediately floated over the news he saw this morning.


 It was about an idol who resides in the kimchi country and he couldn’t bear the unspoken rules. 


So he chose to jump off the building. He was afraid that Yanran would do the same. He hurriedly tried to coach him. 


He softened his tone and began to coax him.


“Yanran, brother Ding’s tone just now was a bit serious, don’t take it to heart. I know you are angry now, but after working together for five years you know that I can not harm you. 


 I’m not all like that. Okay!”


After Ding Weikang finished talking nonsense with a blushing face, he deliberately made a concerned look.

 “Don’t you want to release an album? Our company is small and it doesn’t have the ability, but Mr. Li has it! 

You go and ask, the senior producer of the dignified E. website which was responsible for the entertainment industry of the EC group. 

What resources do you have? Now you just have to endure it for a while, close your eyes and sleep with him for one night, how simple is it?

What is the problem!”

Lin Yanran almost didn’t laugh when he saw Ding Weikang using his poor acting skills to perform “for your good” in front of him.

Ding Weikang observed Yanran’s expression while talking. 

He knew that Yanran’s temperament was soft and he was very easy to deceive. 

Seeing that the other party hadn’t let go, he continued to coax him.

“Yanran, don’t give up, I can see that you are running out of money in your account, as life goes on, things have to be done. Be good and go to the Pearl Hotel with me tonight to have dinner with Mr. Li and apologize. 

Did you hear that? He hasn’t blocked you yet. Do you not have music in your heart?.”

Music is Yanran’s most important thing, and money is what Yanran needs most.

Ding Weikang deliberately mentioned both of them, seemingly caring, but in fact, he was secretly forcing Yanran to compromise.

 “The high-level officials were very angry, and they were going to sue you for breach of the contract. 

But It was Mr. Li who temporarily suppressed it. 

My little ancestor, listen to me, as long as you go to dinner tonight and apologize, everything will be fine.”

Ding Weikang seemingly seemed to beg Lin Yanran, but in his heart, he was sure that he would be forced to compromise due to reality.

After all, this is not the first time dealing with such a small star and he was a very experienced player.

But this time Ding Weikang has missed something.


Lin Yanran bluntly rejected Ding Weikang’s proposal.

The tone was firm and indifferent.

Ding Weikang stood frozen in place, apparently, he still hadn’t reacted.

“Yanran, what did you say?” 

“I said no.” 

Lin Yanran repeated word by word, then glanced at the other party from the corner of his eye, and ordered him to leave. 

“You can go now.”

Ding Weikang, who used to be so powerful in front of Yan Ran, almost couldn’t breathe for a second. 

And not to forget he ordered him to go, how dare he!!

Seeing that the other party didn’t even want to look at him again. He was busy playing with the phone again.

Ding Weikang glared at Yanran, gritted his teeth, and said, “You better think about the consequences of doing this.”

Lin Yanran nodded. He didn’t lift his head and said lightly.

“I have thought about it very clearly.”

Ding Weikang couldn’t speak because of anger. He stood beside Lin Yanran for a while and found that the other party’s attitude was firm and there was indeed no room for change

He snorted and threatened him. “Let’s wait and see.”

Lin Yanran raised his lips and smiled, “Okay. I’ll wait.”

The door of the ward was slammed by Ding Weikang, making a loud noise.

Lin Yanran chose to ignore him and he was not frightened by his threat, because he has recorded every word of the conversation with Ding Weikang just now.

Yingying only dared to come in after seeing Ding Weikang gone.

She was nervous and worried when she saw that the other party had made such a big fire just now.

“Brother, Ding Weikang seemed to be very angry just now.”

Lin Yanran nodded in doubt, “It’s okay.”

He gave Yingying a reassuring look but didn’t tell her what happened.

“Help me find a computer.”

Yingying didn’t realize how the topic between her and Lin Yanran changed so quickly, her eyes were full of doubts.



Yingying: “Brother why do you want a computer?”


Lin Yanran: “For P-picture.”




Yingying scratched her head.

What was Brother Yanran saying she couldn’t understand? 

After he woke up he was behaving differently. Yingying has always been very obedient and she didn’t ask any more questions.

She just took her laptop out and gave it to Yanran.

After putting away the computer, she stood aside curiously, wanting to see what picture Lin Yanran wanted to post.

As a result, she saw that the other party quickly downloaded a P-picture software, and then controlled it skillfully.

The white and slender fingers controlled the mouse, and soon there was a little bear that kept turning somersaults in the middle of the screen.

Lin Yanran moved his finger and wrote the word “Yanran” on the top of Little Bear’s head.

After that, he put a rolling circle for the circus outside and put the three words “entertainment circle” on it.

The last two GIFs were combined into one and made into one emoji.

So a picture of [Yanran (Get Out) Entertainment jpg] is ready.

Lin Yanran opened Weibo on the webpage, and after logging in to his account, he directly posted this freshly released emoji package on Weibo.







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