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#Yanran get out of the entertainment circle#

“I became a favorite after dressing up as a wealthy man”

Lin Yanran Weibo was now the third most searched with hyped on the topic of #Yanran, Get out from the entertainment circle.

The whole web is currently full of information regarding this topic. While the comments are full of Screenshots of various major accounts- 

 [Can this waste Yanran get out of “Super Idol”?  Simply downgrade! 】

The show has been On Air for three episodes, and it’s getting very annoying to see him. 

Even if his business ability is poor, he still deliberately refuses to send an apology letter to Xuan Yihan. Does he have a grudge against him? I heard that a certain traffic singer was called rubbish on the show before, and everyone should hate you with this kind of character!

[There is a reasonable suspicion that Ka Xuan Yihan is rubbing the camera lens to create a hotspot for himself]

[Go away, I don’t want to see this crap anymore]

[I’m too angry to add more drama to myself, ok? ]

[If you don’t replace Yanran in the program group, I will not watch this garbage show]

[I feel sorry for Hanhan, trash Yanran]

[Yanran gets out of the entertainment circle]

[Yanran, Get out of the entertainment circle +1]

This complaint resonated with numerous people, in just a few hours, dozens of marketing accounts forwarded it, plus some show fans and black fans have added more fuel to the fire, and Yanran has been sent directly to the hot search.

Lin Yanran flipped through the comments and scrolled down for a long time. The hot comments were all scolding him. Not knowing the full story, they are one-sided scolding him.

 Assistant Yingying brought a glass of hot milk over; he caught a glimpse of the unsightly words on the hot search and took away the phone in Lin Yanran’s hand with some distress.

“Brother Yan, don’t look at these, they are all black fans with rhythm, they don’t know you at all…”

Lin Yanran who was sitting on the hospital bed smiled at the little girl, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Looking at this beautiful picture of his pale face again, Yingying opened her mouth and hesitated.

“You suddenly fainted this morning and it startled me. The doctor said that you have suffered from low blood sugar after not resting well. Brother, you must remember to eat on time in the future.” In the end, all the words turned into concern instead of reprimanding.

But Yingying didn’t know that what Lin Yanran said just now was not because he was duplicitous and pretending to be strong.

After all, it didn’t make him panic when he encountered such a thing as wearing a book. What was the abuse on the Internet to him?

Lin Yanran lowered his head and took a sip of hot milk and he closed his eyes. He started sorting out the memories of himself and the original owner.

He had just attended the graduation ceremony and got on the plane back to China. On the way back, he was a little tired and fell asleep.

Who would have known when he would wake up again he would find that everything around him would change

He passed through the book that he has transmigrated into a Danmei novel called “The Entire Entertainment Circle Is Jealous for Me”.

The protagonist of the book, Xuan Yihan, holds the position of a rich and powerful family. At the age of 16, he was identified as part of a rich family. At the age of 22, he became popular in the entertainment industry. His career was smooth sailing and his family life was comfortable.

Not only was supported by his parents, but even the big guys in the circle all loved him madly, and he was a winner in his whole life.

As for the fake young master Yan Ran, the cannon fodder that Lin Yanran, He was stupid, ignorant, unpopular, and full of black material.

When the real young master was acknowledged six years ago, his adopted son had no self-awareness and was all kinds of disgrace to the real young master, and finally, he was kicked out of the house by the wealthy adoptive parents who had long disliked him long before.

Now that he no longer has the aura of a wealthy young master, even if he was desperate, he still does not forget to die. 

Relying on his identity as the mentor of “Super Idol”, he was constantly embarrassing the protagonist who was the contestant. Which can be said to be the most vivid understanding of the role of the clown.

The cannon fodder fake young master’s ending is naturally such that the protagonist’s value rose and would slap him in the face, the original owner was scolded to quit the entertainment industry, and finally, he was in huge debt because of a contract dispute with the company. Ultimately he became a joke in the entire entertainment industry.

At present, the plot is developing to the situation where the original owner humiliated the protagonist Xuan Yihan twice in a row and refused to give the other party a for various reasons.

Xuan Yihan is the lucky son of this novel and will be favored by everyone.

After the show was broadcast, the audience saw that the original host had targeted the protagonist more often. This resulted in a big reaction among the audience. In addition to scolding him until he tops on the hot search, they also wrote a complaint to the show t m  forcing the show team to change mentors.

After putting together the plot of the original work in his mind, Lin Yanran opened his eyes again.

The current situation seems a bit irritating.

Lin Yanran took a sip of the hot milk in his hand, then took out his mobile phone and searched for the video of the original owner embarrassing Xuan Yihan.

As soon as he typed the word “Yanran” on the webpage, the two entries “Yanran Ka Xuan Yihan a” and “Yanran Get Out of the Entertainment Circle” were automatically associated.

Lin Yanran ignored the other entries and clicked directly on the first link.

A few seconds later, the video jumped out, but the first episode was Xuan Yihan’s super talk.

Xuan Yihan’s little bunny:

It is not right that our fans get vexed and easily misled but whether a certain tutor is deliberately targeting Hanhan in this wave, it is not a matter of us talking lightly, I just hope everyone can watch the video to get a sense of what was going on at the time.

Glancing at the copywriting that fans sold badly, Lin Yanran clicked on the video.

This video is from Xuan Yihan’s fans, and it took a lot of thought to edit it.

The video is split in two.

On the left is a clip of Xuan Yihan’s diligent practice of the theme song obtained from the program group’s photo shoot, and ance shoot. and on the right is the dance video of his theme song assessment synchronously.

In the picture, Xuan Yihan strives to squeeze out the smile of an orthodox idol, trying to make himself look energetic and sunny. But the frown from time to time, and the pale lips betrayed his physical discomfort.

He seemed to be holding his body forcibly, and after waiting for the last action, he fell directly to the ground.

When a mentor saw it, he hurried over to help him up.

The instructor opened his mouth and asked worriedly, “Are you feeling unwell?”

Xuan Yihan shook his head in his arms and whispered that he was fine. Afterward, his friend also rushed over and explained to him in a loud voice, “How could it be okay! Mentors, you don’t know, Hanhan suddenly had a bad cold last night, and he was still taking drips before he came to the assessment…”

After listening, the tutor showed concerned eyes and gave him encouragement to say.

And the original owner of the final score, not only did not have encouragement but was very ruthless to what Xuan Yihan said.

He said, “Although it’s not easy for you, I’m sorry, I really can only give you a b for this performance.”

As soon as this grade came out, the audience was in an uproar.

Even Xuan Yihan, who had always had a faint smile before, suddenly couldn’t smile.

He bowed to the original owner and said thank you, but the close-up shot on his face captured the grievance and unwillingness in his eyes.

No matter who sees this scene, their liver hurts from being abused.

The barrage on the video is naturally overwhelming again.

[I’m afraid passersby won’t understand the grading rules, so let’s give you popular science. The rule for getting an A for the theme song is that all tutors give it an A. If any tutors have given other grades, the lowest grade will be used.]

[So because of this idiot, Xuan Yihan was forced to get B? Missing the center stage A? 】

【? ? ? ?? So weird? ? 】

【Dancing powerfully even when you are sick, just relying on your spirit, isn’t it enough to get an A? ]

[After all, the tutor is Yan Ran, it’s normal and normal, but a strange one] 

[He doesn’t have a good brain, so I suggest donating it]

 [Is Yan Ran jealous that Hanhan is better than you?]

[I don’t understand, my brother has such a serious cold and can still finish it. It’s so good, why can’t I get an A? 】

 Lin Yanran’s eyes swept over this fan’s comment, the corners of his mouth twitched, and there was a bit of sarcasm in his smile.

Why can’t he get an A?

Lin Yanran is afraid that his brother’s fan filter is not as thick as 10,000 meters.

As far as Xuan Yihan’s performance was concerned, Lin Yanran felt that giving him a “B” was entirely due to the original owner.

Ordinary audiences usually don’t have much contact with professional dance, and they can’t see the doorway.

But he has been practicing a dance with his mother since he was a child, and he has been nurtured by his mother, a national treasure-level dance master, for so many years. Naturally, he saw Xuan Yihan’s problem at a glance.

There is nothing wrong with Xuan Yihan’s entire dance at a glance, and he has gone straight to it all over again. It is indeed much better than those trainees who don’t even know the movements.

But if you look closely, you will find that in the entire dance, there are two times when the point is not accurate, and the foot is not well stuck on the drum.

The strength that his fans are talking about seems to be there, but the key explosive power is not outstanding enough, especially since there are several technical movements, his handling is very unclean, and the basic skills are not solid at all.

This kind of dance was not very experienced, so he hurriedly came to test his move to grab a place in Group A. It was okay to bluff the audience, but Lin Yanran couldn’t.





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